Saturday, 4 May 2013

Puro Fairtrade Coffee Review and Vegan Gingerbread

I've been meaning to write this coffee review for a good few good months now, but my hours at work have been non-stop that I have barely found time to myself, let alone to blog and write a review.  Anyway, today I find myself with a little time to write a little about Puro Fairtrade coffee to review.  I say a little as I have noted since I received my coffee package from Puro a number of fellow foodie bloggers have also been asked to review the very same product, so I don't want to repeat in parrot fashion a lot here in relation to Puro Fairtrade Coffees background.  Instead I encourage you to go on over to Chocolate Log Blog review and The Ordinary Cooks review and Fuss Free Flavours review . 

I will however share my own personal taste of the three blends of coffee that were sent to me to review.  But before I do I want to say that when the package arrived, I was quite chuffed.  It was one of the most prettiest packages I had ever received and it wasn't even a Christmas or Birthday present.  The heavy hessian sack contained three 250g packets of coffee with hand-written labels, but also a cream coloured cafetiere, a Pura cup and saucer, a Pura expresso cup and saucer and some sachets of l hot chocolate sachets and brown sugar too.  I like brown sugar with my coffee.  Thank you so much for this Puro.

Okay onto the coffee review.  I do like my caffeine kick in the morning, but I have to admit to those of you who are real coffee connoisseurs that my preference is for mellower blends. I found that the Puro Fuerte described as fragrant dark roast with a touch of spice just too strong for my palette, I could barely drink it.  It was just too bitter for me (but I am not one to waste, I did use the coffee for making cakes - vegan Gingerbread being one of them).  My favourite Puro blend was the Puro Organic with its soft notes of sweet chocolate with tangy citrus, followed by the Puro Noble with its lively medium roast with hints of hazelnuts.

Puro Fairtrade Coffee as the name suggests is a fairtrade brand, certified by the Fairtrade Foundation. If you wish to learn more about Puro and some of its initiatives worldwide, please watch this video, or check out either their website or their facebook page.

Puro coffees are available in the UK at National Trust cafes, Allegra McEvedys marvellous restaurant Leon, among many others. I've learned that the range will also be available to buy online direct from the Puro At Home website soon.
Vegan Gignerbread Cake - Click on link for recipe
I also have a picture of me drinking the coffee from a Puro branded cup to share with you, but as the photograph was taken a while ago - February 2013 in fact, I just cannot see it in my picture files.  I will post it here as son as I can locate it.

Disclosure: I was sent these coffee blends in return for this blog post. The opinions expressed here are my own and I received no financial incentive.

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