Saturday, 28 August 2010

Garden state

Two weeks away from home and my garden is in such a sorry state. Its not just the grass that needs cutting, I need to deadhead some flowers and remove some plants that would give you an eyesore,
This once cheery sunflower no more, but I will leave it to dry for the birds.
My tiny plot looks rather dishevelled and disorganised.
The scarlet runner beans have gone rampant and need some serious snipping.
One the plus side, I walked away with an armful of scarlet runner beans, though some of them I must admit will be destined for the compost bin as the outer skin looks and feels rather taut and will be tough to eat.
Although I have harvested these climbing Blauhilde French beans, I don't know whether they will be edible as they too are pretty thick.
These Brussels sprouts look like they may have blown. I need to take a closer look at the others. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that there will be no sprouts from my garden to eat.
The last of the broccoli and the variety of cabbages I had growing have all been ravaged by the white cabbage butterfly and its caterpillars.
Some of the lettuces in the 3 foot by 3 foot bed has bolted, so much so its producing flowers.
The finale fennel growing in pots seems to be doing okay.
Not so for my chilli plant that is desperately wanting water.
I had planted three kohlrabi's, one I had harvested and made kohlrabi fritters, the other two were left beneath the runner bean pole to continue to swell, but guess what, yesterday I noted that there was only one. We think it's been 'taken' by the neighbours below and their little boys trespassing on our garden, but we have no proof. I am pretty mift, but hope they enjoyed it and not used it as a football.
I seem to have only one Golden Apple Pumpkin growing. Shame last year I had two baskets worth, so much so I still have half a dozen or so left filling a vase as decorative pieces. I think the reason the plant is doing poorly this year is simply because they are growing in pots this year.
The Gold Rush courgettes are doing wonderfully though.
I may even get to harvest some golf ball size beetroot.
Some of the rainbow chard is doing well, some not so, these have bolted. I'll still enjoy the leaves though.
I also harvested this rather large and hard corgette di nizza. I think it will be okay grated. Some blue lake climbing french beans, a good handful of dwarf hestia runner beans, and three unscathed cooking apples.
The sky last night, or was it the night before. Truly marvellous and magical.


  1. What a beautiful sunset!

    Do save the beans in the tougher runner bean pods - I prefer the big beans to the younger 'beans and pods' and will let some of my runners grow some nice, plump beans :)

    I love fennel - is it easy to grow?

  2. Very interesting.Love the night sky.
    I must make an attempt to grow beetroot again.

  3. Goodness, what a lot of work you have there :-( I never realised how much you worry about an allotment when you go away - when we went away in May I was really thinking about the poor allotment fending for itself. Gorgeous sky photo.

  4. Sorry to see you've had problems with bolting. I am intrigued by your beetroots though - they look like golden beetroot? I struggled to grow them in the northwest of England, assumed it was too cold and wet for them (previously I grew them on the Isle of Wight), though I can grow certain types of red beetroot. From your blog you say you're in west Scotland - are you in the gulf stream balmy area or is there hope for me to grow golden beetroot yet?

  5. Thank you Brightandnew.

    I'll certainly do as you've suggested, but so far most of them look edible, which is good eh :)

    I have to admit that i have found fennel easy to grow, so hopefully next year you will.

    Thanks NEURON.
    The night sky is certainly pretty.

    Yes Scented Sweetpeas, a lot to do. Hopefully I'll get some work done tomorrow and D can cut the grass.

    I remember when I had the allotment I worried a little, fortuntely we had a good allotment friend there to water, but the weeds were still there when we came back. The one thing i worried about when I left the allotment though was the thieving, hopefully you don't have those problems.

    Hello Ruth and Welcome.
    Ah the bolting is my fault really.

    I haven't grown golden beetroot this year, but I have in the past, pretty successfully. See link
    The weather here does get pretty wet and cold.
    I'd encourage you to have another go, perhaps with a different variety.

  6. Miss Mangocheeks I am glad to see I'm not the only one with sad-looking plant babies! Could you save your too-tough bean pods for the seeds for planting next year?

  7. Ginny,
    It is so wonderful to hear from you.I've been coming by your blog to see your progress now and again. I am orry to read about you plants suffering too.
    Yes, if the beans are big enough I intend to save them for next year, I'll be drying them out on the windowsill, as previous attempts have not been successful and ended up being rather mouldy beans.

  8. Your gold rush courgettes are so beautiful. I really want to try some different varieties next year.
    Sorry to hear that you've had some damage. It's heartbreaking when something like that happens x

  9. I love seeing your garden Mangocheeks :) What a shame some of your veg have misbehaved while you've been away - I must say that our cabbages and caulis have been desimated by caterpillars even with 2 of us here on caterpillar-patrol!

  10. Wow! What inspiration you give!I am just getting ready to plant some potatoes - in time for Christmas do you reckon?

  11. Thank you Hannah.
    Gold rush courgette is one variety I'm happy to grow every year.

    Thanks Sooz.
    Yes, thats the nature of veg. when your away and noones looking after them.

    Sorry to read about your cabbages too, the caterpillars have certainly beat me this year. Next year, if I am still limited to this tiny plot, I will only be growing kale - no cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages or sprouts.

    Welcome and thank you for your comment Mrs Nesbitt.
    I've only grown Christmas potatoes once, so yes, I think this is the time to get them planted.

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  13. Thank you Thirappathy Raja.
    Thank you for introducing yourself.


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