Friday, 27 August 2010

A Britain in Breton

A couple of weeks ago, we left our little home in the West of Scotland with some Scottish gifts for our hosts S& K in South Finistere in the Bretagne region of France.
but before getting there, we had a couple of stops.
First via Wales to see my family, then to Essex to see D's sister. On route D and stopped at Ross on Wye. I was really charmed by these signs on this shop. After spending a few days with family, it was onward to Plymouth where we were to get our ferry to Roscoff, France.
Spotted this dragonfly sunning itself in the centre of Plymouth.
It was my first time on a ferry.
Let the holidays begin

Excellent place to eat crêpes (Breton/French pancake)
On a beach near Plozevet

Street musicians wearing traditional Breton blue and white striped shirts. It was said that this stripe allowed to locate more easily a man fallen into the sea.

Pont du Raz
Click to see the surfer dudes and dudettes in action.

Ponte de La Touche

Delicious home made food. This is a vegetable and tomato bake and chocolate cake with almonds made by of our wonderful host S.

Picnic on the beach, eating baguettes and Breton raspberry and prune gateaus

Some local beers that D enjoyed drinking courtesy of our kind hosts and friends.


First attempt at making some crêpe .

Ice-cream for the road home


Not far from Roscoff Port
Some signs at St Pol-de-Leon


  1. Beautiful photos. I hope you have a lovely time and thanks for your e-mail.

  2. Thank you e.
    Hope your keeping well.

  3. What beautiful pictures! I hope you are having a lovely vacation, it sure seems you are! BTW I love crepes :) What kind of Scottish beer would you recommend me to try? I don't particularly like dark beer. Light is better to me, but if not then just tell me what is good :)

  4. Dreamy photos, Mango. Looks like you had an idyllic vacation. The beach with all the stones looks so inviting. What kind of cake was that round, coiled one?

  5. wow, looks delicious, fun, beautiful, and breathtaking!

  6. Oh, I have so enjoyed these lovely photos!! "wish I were there" kind of thing!!)))

    Firstly...the beautiful porridge spoon with the thistle on top..your friends/family must have been so pleased with that and all your kind gifts. that where the famous pottery is made...think so...Quimper ware. I have one piece! A treasure.

    Promise me you bought one of those aprons!! Les Gourmands a Table...))What a chuckle to see them..

    The signs were so artistic, and the views of the sea, sky, and architecture equally inspiring.

    Thanks MC

  7. Have a wonderful time.Lovely pictures.

  8. Ahh, my, gorgeous photos that stir my heart and pique my interest even if I'm half a world (hmm, maybe just a quarter of the world?) away. Looking forward to mes vacances in California coming up in a couple of weeks. But always enjoy being an armchair traveler. Thanks for sharing!

  9. WOnderful pictures as always! Look slike you are having a great vacation!

  10. oh my, the pictures are beautiful and the food looks absolutely delicious! Looks like a fun trip!

  11. ah sigh................I will be back en france, when I can afford it, I used to go to Carnac every year xxxx

  12. Ohh, looks as though you had a fab holiday MangoCheeks. Wonderful photographs and lovely looking cakes. Looks as though you might have got some decent weather too. Brings back memories of cycling through Brittany in my youth. Every year we say we're going to hop across the ferry, but we still haven't managed it. How unobservant am I? I've never noticed the dragonfly in Plymouth - will have to take a walk one lunch time.

  13. What lovely holiday photos, and that chocolate cake and pie look very delicious. Do your friends have a spare room? I love that sign for the school with the ball on the wall - fantastic. How were the crepes? They look very good.

  14. Thanks Carissa.
    Hope your settling in well.

    I don't drink beer, but if I did , it would porobably be the light beer. Its my husband who enjoyed drinking some of the showcased beer. Not many of the beers made in Scotland are suitable for either vegetarians or vegans. Should I come across one, I shall surely raise awareness of it on my blog.

    Thank you Barbara GF.
    I know there are so many, but it was hard choosing. The beach with all the piled up stones was really intriguing.

    Re the coiled cake? It wasn't a cake, sorry I should have labelled it better. S our kind host took into account different dietary needs and made a number of vegetable based dishes, this one contained courgettes, cheese and tomatoes then covered with pastry. Delicious it was too.

    Thank you Wendy.

    Thank you so much Gardeningbren.

    The Scottish gifts were gratefully accepted by our french hostess S who was quite intrigued by it.

    Yes, Quimper is where the famous pottery is made.

    I didn't buy an Apron, but I certainly did buy some Les Gourmands gifts (promise to share later on) They made me chuckle too.

    Thank you Kiran.
    So lovely to hear from you.

  15. Thank you Intuitive eggplant or should I call you Eggy, now that were blog friends :D
    There's nothing wrong in being an armchair traveller, I like participating that way too, a good way to avoid getting travel sick.

    Enjoy your vacation when it comes round.

    Thank you Morgan.
    I did have a tremendous time!

    Thank you Darlene.
    I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was totally spoiled by Ds friends K and K's partner lovely partner S who introduced me to many things abour Breton culture and cuisine.

    Thank you so much Frugal Life UK.
    France is expensive, but we were fortunately to be staying with friends, who spoiled us rotten.
    Hopefully you'll get round to going to France in the not too distant future.

    Thanks Choclette.
    I certainly did have a great time and yes the weather was kind too (rained one of the days, but I'll not dwell on that).

    Unfortunately I did not get to do any activities. I had taken my two young nephews with me, whose idea of a holiday was window shopping, next time I'll leave them behind and perhaps get to cycle. Hopefully your trip to Brittany is not far away:D

    Yes, I was thinking of you when I was in Plymouth. Hopefully you'll get a chance to see that dragonfly - hopefully it hasn't flown away.

    Thank you so much Kath.
    The home-made chocolate cake was divine really, and Yes, my friends do have a spare roomm how else do you think I got to enjoy all the lovely home-made food :D

    Yes, I so agree that sign for the school with the ball on the wall is really fantastic.

    The crepe I made was edible, but dissapointing to look at, but the ones my nephews made were pretty perfect. S teased my nephew and toil him he should move to France and open up a Creperie as he was quite good.

  16. Ooooh, what a treat seeing your photos. There are some beautiful ones, and a whole year's worth of inspiration.

    Thank you so much for sharing them. I love Brittany, and how lovely to be reminded why!

    Looks like you got great weather too. We were in your neck of the woods up in Scotland, and we didn't fare too badly, but it looks like you got the sun!


  17. Oh my gosh, it looks like you had an amazing trip!
    I am always so interested in the scenery and towns in other countries. Thanks for sharing with us :)


  18. Thank you Moy.
    So lovely to hear from you and glad you enjoyed your time in Scotland, shame about the weather, but that is Scotland all over. I live in the West, but work does take me all over. I was in Kirriemuir myself a few months ago work related and travelled through Montrose on my way up to Aberdeen.

    Thanks Rose.
    I like looking at the signs too.

  19. Enjoyed your interesting pictures.A reminder of holidays in France many years ago when we had our Caravette.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Thank you Neuron. So pleasewd to learn it reminded you of times in France.

  21. lovely photos - you have such a great eye for detail and the beauty in the ordinary - looks like a wonderful holiday - hope you are refreshed and glad to be home

  22. Thank you so much Johanna.
    The photography was shared, so I must pass on the compliments to my husband D too.
    I'm refreshed, but the idea of going into work tomorrow is not particularly inviting, but bills must be paid. Hey ho as they say.

  23. We were also in Brittany this year. We went through Quimper and stayed in Benodet.
    Oh, and that Breton gateaux with raspberry was delicious!

  24. Hi Mark,
    Nice to hear from you.
    It was my first time in Brittany. We stayed in Peumerit, but were fortunate to see quite a bit. We were at Benodet on our last day (had pizza and ice-cream on the beach front).

    Yes the gateaux were delicious, full of butter though. Yum.

  25. Cool travel photos. The food looks delicious!

    Rambles with Reese


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