Sunday, 7 December 2014

Zaytoun In My Kitchen

I don't have very much that is new in my kitchen this month, just a handful of things that I would like to share.  I have a small selection of Zaytoun produce.  Zaytoun is a social enterprise founded in 2004  to create and develop a UK market for artisan fairly traded Palestinian produce that carries the stories of  'the producers and their land'.  Last month Zaytoun celebrated their 10 year anniversary.  

I discovered Zaytoun when I lived in Glasgow and went along to a Fairtrade event and have been using their ingredients in my kitchen since, especially  their Palestinian Za'atar made with wild thyme, toasted sesame seeds and sumac - a very versatile ingredient, but to be honest I've never really written about Zaytoun on my blog, until now.
In my kitchen this month not only do I have the zesty seasoning za'atar, I also find myself with some maftoul.  Maftoul is a large, hand rolled and pearly grain made from dun-dried bulgar wheat, it has a unique, nutty flavour, some large Om Al-Fahem premium almonds that are sweet,  and large caramelised almonds, a packet that I know once opened you will not want to share with anybody, but a deserved treat for yourself.     
The Zaytoun organic extra virgin olive oil is like no other extra virgin olive oil that I have ever tasted.  The extra virgin oil is extremely luscious and rich, thick, packed with flavour and smooth like velvety gold.  It really is hard to describe. You will have to try it to know what I mean.
Just a couple of weeks back, I tore into my packet of smoky green wheat grain Freekah and made a Smoky Freekeh Warm Salad dish with Roasted Aubergines and Chickpeas.  Hand on heart it was one of the most simplest and most delicious meals ever and I really put it down to the ingredients, rather than the recipe.   If you ever stumble upon Zaytoun ingredients, I would encourage you to try something from the Zaytoun range
I forgot to share these Oxfam Ice Tea and Lemonade cans with you last month for IMK, I got them from Bruge, Belgium from Oxfam whilst there for a long weekend.  Yes, I was sold by the pictures on the can, I've never seen anything like this in the U.K, so had to bring back home some to show to friends and family interested in diversity related issues.  I wonder if they will hit the UK Oxfam stores next year?!
I also picked up this gorgeous  ceramic cookie press/mould from Bruge, Belgium for a bargain price of 5 euros reduced from 10 euros.  Of course, I have yet to use them.
These crochet apple baubles are not strictly for the kitchen, but because they a apple shaped, I just felt I had to share them.  I picked them up early in the month from a local craft fair.  
And finally, Christmas Collection tea-bags from Yogi Tea.  I was introduced to Yogi tea by my friend Leah when I visited her in the USA, the only one I tend to buy now and again is the Choco Chilli, but with it being Christmas, well I thought I would treat myself.  

I am sharing this post with Celia at Fig and Jam for November edition of In My Kitchen Series. Please go by and check out the other IMK posts. 


  1. We have a little cousin in Québec : l'huile Zeitouna!

  2. The specialist, small-scale things are often much nicer than the mass-produced ones.

  3. Looks like you have an amazing kitchen. I'm so curious on trying everything now, especially that organic extra virgin olive oil.
    P.S: I'm jealous of those cookie cutters!

  4. Love the cookie press!

  5. what lovely things in your post this month. i love the look of the spices and the olive oil. it sounds really tasty. those cookie moulds are so cute and so too are the soft drink cans. and the little apple baubles are gorgeous. merry xmas.

    1. Thank you Sherry - your comment is most appreciated. Merry Christmas to you too.

  6. Shaheen, apologies for being so late to comment this month - it's been crazy busy! I hope you all had a wonderful and happy Christmas! Also, did your starter arrive? I'm sorry if you've already let me know - my brain is a bit addled at the moment - but if not, I can always resend it to you. All the Zaytoun produce sounds fabulous - we love za'atar here but I've never heard of maftoul before - I'll have to see if we can find it here! :) All the best for 2015!

    1. Celia,
      Totally okay. I have been away from the internet for a week or so, and have just got back home. I received your starter - Thank you soooooo much. Now got to get baking. Hope you had a good Christmas too and best wishes for the New Year.


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