Monday, 1 December 2014

We Should Cocoa - The Chocolate - Chilli Round Up

Here are the chocolate and chilli entries for this months We Should Cocoa Challenge.  
I thought the chilli chocolate combination would prove a bit of a challenge for our food bloggers, but it was a challenge that many of you took in your stride because I received loads of chilli - chocolate inspired dishes.  Before I share the awesome fiery entries, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you lovely fellow bloggers for being part of my much neglected blog. 
I would also like Thank both Choclette and Chele for giving me an opportunity to host this months edition of We Should Cocoa.  I have enjoyed it, really.  

Here are the chilli-chocolate submissions (in no particular order).
I've been drinking a lot of hot chocolate the past week, but I have to say I want to try this Chilli Chocolate Toddy from Mari from the Nutty Tart.  This Chilli Chocolate Toddy is made not with whiskey but brandy and rum, with chilli, cinnamon and all spice.  My cheeks are feeling warm just looking at this. 
Lucy - The Kitchenmaid Chilli Chocolate Syrup and Chilli Chocolate Martini.  Lucy suggest this as a DIY Chrismas gift, but I want to make this all for me. I can only imagine the versatility of the Chilli Chocolate Syrup, over ice-cream, even in a hot chocolate - Lush!
Janine from Cake of the Week tempts us all with these gorgeous Chilli Chocolate Macarons. She made these delightful morsels for her fathers birthday, unlike her Janine's father is a huge fan of chilli and he approved as a sizeable chunk of them had disappeared by the end of the day!   I've yet to try making macarons at home, and this may be the recipe to tempt me.

Susan at The Spice Garden Spicy Chilli Chocolate Cookies.  I am not a cookie monster, but put a plate of these dark chocolate and cayenne pepper cookies in front of me and see me transformed into one giddy greedy animal.  These are wicked!
Kate - The Gluten Free Alchemist  brings to us a tower of Chewy  Chocolate, Cherry Chilli Flapjacks.  These are perfect for breakfast, lunch or evening snacking.  As well as chilli, Kate had also sprinkled in some Hungarian Paprika into the mix, she says it gives a slightly earthy quality to the flapjack.  I trust her   
Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker shares a Banana, Chilli and White Chocolate Cake.  What is interesting about these is that it is made with green chillies, not red.  Its got me all curious. I think it looks rather lovely too. 
Laura from I'd Rather Much Bake Than ...tempts us with these Chilli Mayonnaise Brownies. Yes, I said Mayonnaise, don't be put off by the thought of mayo in a cake, you truly won't taste it, as it adds moist texture. To lure us further Laura writes 'the chocolate pulls you into a deep cocoa pool while the chilli chocolate kick wakes you up before you sink too far...' Mmmmm.
Here is my entry for Red Dragon Chilli Chocolate Brownies.  These feature in my home now and again, but its the first time that I've shared the recipe on my blog. 
Katie from The Perfect Brownie delights us with these Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies.  These brownies are made with actual melted Mexican drinking chocolate and a dash of red pepper, it really looks lovely.  I love how its sliced too as often we find brownies sliced in squares not lovely triangular wedges.    
Ness from Jibber Jabber UK brought to us Chilli Chocolate Loaf Cake.  This deep dark sponge cake leaves a tickle of warmth at the back of your throat. And whats more, the glossy chocolate icing has a hint of chilli too, a little bit of a unexpected surprise. 
The DOMestic God Dom from Belleau Kitchen gives us not one, but two hits of chilli - the first comes in Chilli Chocolate Clementine Marbe Cake (above) the second in the Chilli Chocolate Custard - I am echoing the words of one of my favourite bloggers Lucy of The Kitchen Maid, I just want to bury my face in that bowl of custard.  Awesome, I am so stealing that one Dom. 
Suelle from Mainly Baking shares a two layered two tone Black Bottom Coconut Bars with Chilli.  I think they look stunning, but Suelle was not completely happy with them, but I think that they are still worth checking out and giving your eyes a feast.  
I love Madeleine's and make them every so often, so when Choclette shared here Chilli Chocolate Madeleine's, it got me all excited and reminded me that I should make some soon.  Choclette declares these mildly spiced Chilli Chocolate morsels to be perhaps the tastiest Madeleine's she made, I don't doubt her one bit.  
Next we have a couple of savoury chilli-chocolate bites.  The first is Roasted Cocoa Cauliflower, this comes from Janet of The Taste Space.  It is seasoned with smoked paprika, cocoa and zing from lemon pepper.  This is a recipe that will surely convert people like me, who snug their noses at a cauliflower, roasting it truly elevates this white vegetable into something very very moreish
And finally, from Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe we have Cheesy Kale Quesadillas with Mole Sauce.  The Mole sauce is home-made.  Johanna writes that the cocoa adds richness without tasting like chocolate. I am looking forward to trying this recipe the next time we have Quesadillas at home, it really really looks good. 

To find out who is hosting next month, please check out Chocolate Log blog for this months theme.  Once again, thank you very much for your entries. 


  1. Ooh so much lovely chilli chocolate inspiration to be found here. I think I might want to start with the quesadillas, but then again ... Thanks for hosting and doing a great round-up Shaheen.

    1. Your so welcome, i really enjoyed it. So many ideas.

  2. lovely round up shaheen - all those reds and warming chilli makes this post seem just right for the festive season - and I must protest that your blog is not as neglected as you suggest - you are still posting at a some rate given how busy you are!!

    1. Thank you Johanna. I agree, very festive. I know you protest my friend, but my blog is neglected and not what it used to be, I only posted 10 posts last month and at least two of them were Round Ups, but thank you so much for your encouragement, it means a lot x

    2. I don't think many bloggers who are going as long as you post as much as they used to - it is great you are still doing 10 posts a month

    3. Thank you Johanna. You really are kind to me and such a sweetie x

  3. AMAZING round up... all that heat to keep us warm!

  4. I like the sound of some of those recipes - and I also like the look of that chilli-themed dish in your first photo!

    1. Mark, I was half expecting a chilli chocolate recipe from you ;) I've had the dish for a while, it comes out now and again.

  5. That is a fantastic selection of spicy chocolatey recipes. What an amazingly versatile pair of ingredients! Great round up!!!

  6. Great round up! Those quesadillas look especially good.

  7. Yum! There are some amazing things in this line-up. I stand by my comment about Dom's gorgeous saucy pud, but those quesadillas and the cauliflower look extremely good too. Oh, and those coconut bars!

  8. What a fabulous turn out for such an unusual combination. Everything looks excellent :)


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