Monday, 24 June 2013

Rhubarb and Rosehip Jam Cake

This cake looks really amateur-ish next to my other recent bakey delights such as the Raspberry and Chocoalte Cake and  Strawberry Cake.  Why amateurish?  If you look closer you can see at the top what I can only call 'pot-holes' caused by the excess juices from  the fresh rhubarb.  I could have easily covered it over with some cream cheese frosting, but I decided to scatter over some purple coloured sugar, icing sugar and some sugared almonds to distract attention from the visible flaws. It sort of, well kind of did the job.
I had a jar of Rosehip Jam that I made a long long while ago, so I thought instead of sandwiching the two sponge cakes together with rhubarb and ginger jam which was my original plan, I would do so instead with the Rosehip Jelly. In spite of how it looked, it was truly a lovely combination and tasted quite good. 
The taste reminded me a little of bakewell tart but in sponge form.  Serve a slice of this cake with a massive dollop of whipped cream.
An i I am sharing this Rhubarb and Rosehip Jam Cake with Kate of What Kate Baked who has chosen layer cakes for this month's Tea Time Treats . Tea Time Treats is co-hosted by Karen of Lavender and Lovage.
Rhubarb and Rosheip Jam Cake


  1. This sounds yummy I love the idea that flavour combination make it taste of bakewell tart

  2. That cake is all the more special simply because it is NOT perfect, Shaheen. Individuality is good!

  3. Sounds delicious. In my experience, rhubarb makes for a really good cake and the rosehip syrup jelly is a lovely touch. It looks lovely too.

  4. What a FABULOUS layer cake thanks and I have added it to the round-up! Karen xxx

  5. That's a beautiful cake, potholes and all!


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