Saturday, 17 March 2012

Curly Kale and Potato Tortilla

I've had a busy few days.  My mother in law is here, its her first time in Wales, so we have been out and about quite a lot.  Last night we were at my parents, and my mother in law was getting acquainted with my rowdy nephews and nieces, playing board games and old fashion hangman, where she had to guess the name of children's movies.  I think she did pretty good. 

The weather here has turned a little grim, there was even hail stones at one point.  Where has all that promising Spring sunshine gone, I for one am waiting for it to warm up and stay that way and that is unusual for me to say, as I have never ever been a sun-worshipper. 
Okay onto today's grub, I should really call this a 'Green and White Tortilla' or 'Celtic Tortilla'. First because it St Patricks Day and secondly, well the Welsh Rugby Team have done Wales real proud, but I am not - its just a simple 'Potato and Kale Tortilla' - no need to be pretentious is there?! 
A generous sliced wedge was served with a simple green salad.  We have so much of it, that we will probably have it for lunch tomorrow too.  I am sharing this with Chef Al dente who is hosting the first ever Gimme Green event.  Here you must create any dish using a green vegetable or fruit as the main ingredient.  It can be either a savoury or sweet dish. 
Okay, I'd love to stay and blog a bit more, but I better be off, it's rude to keep your guests waiting. 

To those of your  celebrating St Patricks Day, Have a Good Evening. 
Shamrock Brown Scones
For the recipe see here.
Curly Kale and Potato Tortilla
Serves 6 - 8 depending on appetite and cut slices
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 medium onion, sliced
4 - 6 medium potatoes, thinly sliced (preferably with a mandolin)

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tablespoon olive oil
200g curly kale, rinsed, stalks removed and roughly chopped.
6 eggs, beaten
Heat oil in a frying pan measuring about 9 inches with high sides. Heat oil, add the onion and cook until soften, then add in the potatoes and cook for about 10 - 15 minutes on medium heat until they are beginning to soften and turn golden, flipping them over now and again. Season with salt and pepper.  Tip into a large bowl.  In the same pan, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil, then stir in the curly kale, and cook until wilted.  Then tip back in the potatoes and stir well 
to distribute the kale and the onion. Adjust seasoning if necessary. 
Gently pour in the beaten eggs, reduce the heat and allow to set. When it appears set and no longer soft in the middle. Cover the frying pan with a large plate or lid and invert the potato tortilla over onto the plate or lid. Then gently slide the upturned potato tortilla back into the frying pan. Increase the heat and cook the tortilla for a few more minutes until set and golden. Transfer the kale and potato tortilla onto a large serving plate and serve slices either warm or at room temperature.  Based on this recipe.


  1. mmm another yummy recipe to try, looks great and simple enough for me to have a go at. hope your mother in law enjoys wales even though it is abit chilly.

    1. Thanks Wobblymouse.
      Yes, its a simple recipe, and one I make quite often, just with differnt veg.

      your right it is a bit chilly. Hope it warms up soon.

  2. And. a happy St. Patrick's day to you from your Welsh blogger in the US.

    1. Thanks Stephen.
      Hope your having a good weekend.

  3. Hello Shaheen, lovely to hear about your life in Wales. I think the weather there is very similar ot the west of Scotland! Your recipe sounds like just the thing in these changeable days.

  4. This is so well presented and it must be delicious! Well done you!

  5. Curly Kale? I've never heard about that vegetable before, must do some research! Happy St Patricks Day!

    And thank you very much for commenting on my blog! Much appreciated! :D

    1. Thanks for repaying the compliment Sara by coming by.
      You should try curly kale. I really like it.

  6. It's nice to see a curly kale recipe as the curly variety is the only type I have been able to find near me...this is a creative use for it.

    I too hope your weather improves, hail in Spring does not sound appropriate at all!

    1. Thanks Kari.
      Curly kale is easily availalbe here too, except in supermarkets its always shredded. I am hoping to grow soem this year as I really like it.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Deri.
      Would love too, maybe next time :0)

  8. Wow! What a delightful recipe Shaheen! Looks absolutely delicious :) Thanks a lot for linking this to Gimme Green!

  9. Hi Shaheen,

    I love curly kale-a much forgotten vegetable with most people but then they miss a treat...

    1. Thanks Green Dragonette.
      They certainly do miss a treat. I really really like it, more than black kale aka the fashionable cavolo nero - tuscan Kale.

    2. Unfortunately my two baby Cavolo Nero - Tuscan Kale, after surviving most of the winter, inexplicable died on me a couple of weeks ago so I won’t be able to compare...will definitely give your dish a go though with the curly kale...

    3. Give it a go with curly kale, its my preference really.

  10. Something I haven't really used, curly kale, but I'll have to give it a go if I see some. I'm really impressed with your cutters, first it was the dragon which is just fab and now the shamrock!

    1. Thanks Patty,
      I keep meaning to do a post on my cutters, promise to some time this year. I have a box full. I've had the shamrock for a while.


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