Thursday, 19 November 2009

Parsnip potato cakes

Look at this strange twisted specimen I pulled out from the soil over the weekend. In case your wondering what it is, it's actually a parsnip.
To my eyes it looks like a 'dirty' toy soldier wielding some kind of sword. Can you see it? Or am I just looking to hard.

Anyway, I made these parsnip potato cakes. I have made them many times before. So knew they would go down well and be good after work food, plus it's very seasonal.
Normally I serve these with garlicky borlotti beans, but today it was with the remainder of the white beans.
Parsnip and potato cakes
340g potatoes, cooked and mashed
340g parsnips, cooked and mashed
1 clove of garlic, crushed or finely minced
2 tablespoons of freshly chopped, coriander (or parsley)
30g cheddar cheese, grated
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Flour for shaping
1 egg, beaten
Dried breadcrumbs
Sunflower oil, for frying
Mix all the mashed vegetables together in a bowl, add the herbs, garlic and cheese, season to taste with salt and pepper and mix well. Divide into 8 even- sized pieces with floured hands, shape into round cakes. Chill. Dip the cakes first into the beaten egg, then coat evenly with breadcrumbs. Chill until ready to eat. Heat enough oil in a frying pan to come up halfway up the parsnip cakes. Fry the cakes on both sides until golden brown. Drain on kitchen paper. To keep warm put in oven at low temperature. Adapted from Leiths Vegetarian Bible.


  1. Those look well tasty, I grew parsnips for the first time this year and I am using all the will force in the world not to pull any till first frost.

    I suppose its just my hard luck we've had an extremely mild autumn thus far.

    Anyway, I'm sure I never told you but I have a folder in my favourites called Mangocheeks Magic (completely separate from my regular recipe folder), so I'll be adding this one for my own home grown 'snips' to try later in the season.

  2. I love that first shot! gorgeous, despite it being a strange specimen.

    I just recently made an Indian fried potato cake and loved it. I'm sure I'd love these as well, and what a great use for turnips!

  3. Great parsnip! mine look like that too, but I bet they taste better than anything you can buy! Enjoy!

  4. the parsnip potato cakes look delicious and the parsnip looks like a nasty toy soldier that a bad uncle would buy for a nephew (I refer to my partner's present for his nephew in case you are wondering!)

  5. What a fantastic use of parsnip!

  6. Hi Kella,
    You are strong willed not to have pulled out a parsnip yet.

    I am really honoured to learn that you have a folder called 'Mangocheeks Magic' - truly made me a happy person for the day, walking around with a big smile. I am also touched to know that the recipes I make appeal to others. Thanks you so much!

    Thanks Sarah,
    The Indian spiced potato cakes sound goooood....

    Thanks Matron.
    I think i may try to grow parsnips in a tub next year, as everyone I have pulled out so far, has been forked.

    Funny Johanna.
    Did your partner really buy a nasty toy for his nephew - so so naughty.

    Thanks Michele.

  7. Looks absolutely delicious. The ingredients will be going on my shopping list this week.

  8. Thank you so, so much Liz Riley,
    I hope you make and enjoy.

  9. We tried them and loved them. Even the 7 month old loved them! Thanks for posting the recipe

  10. So pleased to read that you made these and enjoyed them. Even better the little one enjoyed them. Thanks for letting me know.
    Kind wishes.


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