Wednesday, 31 July 2019

July Eat Your Greens Round Up

Its been a quiet month on the #EatYourGreens front, a sign that people are busy or enjoying  the ridiculously warm weather, which is good.  I must admit.  I have been a bit lazy on the blogging front, so its understandable. 
The first Eat Your Greens  recipe comes from Johanna who blogs over at The Green Gourmet Giraffe. Johanna shared with us Pearl Couscous Pilaf with Eggplant, that's aubergines for those of us in the UK. 
Now does that look good or very good?! And I mean that.  I find pearl couscous a bit of a hit and miss ingredient, but I think Johanna has elevated it here.  Her Pearl Couscous Pilaf with peas, lentils, limes and mint. I think it would be perfect addition to any summer buffet table. 
Next we have Spinach and Potato Curry from my co-host the Veg Hog.  What I love about this Spinach and Potato Curry is the topping.  On first glance you think its tofu or paneer, but its actually  Finnish Oat Block.  I love how golden it is. I also love that this dish is made even greener by serving it with white rice and peas!
Now we have my #EatYourGreen contribution which is Homegrown Broad Beans, Mint Gnocchi Salad.  It was one of the most simplest meals I have ever put on the table. 

A special Thank you to Johanna for joining in #EatYourGreens this month. We hope you will join in with us again in August when The Veg Hog hosts #EatYourGreens challenge.  Please Follow this link on how to join in.  

Monday, 29 July 2019

Small Weekend Harvest

So another weekend has come and gone.  

We went into Gloucester for the Food Festival on Saturday and Sunday I found myself dipping in and out of the garden plot, while D cleared the shed.
I have picked the last of the broad beans and cleared the ground.  

In the space, I am planning to sow some spinach, but here are some strawberries and raspberries that I forgot to share last week. 
Here is a peek into the greenhouse.  The tomatoes are not looking as good as they have in previous years.  They are very leggy, but we are not going to grumble too much at least we have some growing. 
The courgettes are beginning to look good that I will have more than I know what to do with, so any new recipe ideas and suggestions are welcome. 
So here is this weekends harvest

Yellow courgette 
Round courgette
Green Pole Beans
Purple Climbing Beans
Runner Beans
Beetroot that had begun to bolt and tomatoes
I am sharing this small harvest with Dave who blogs at Happy Acres for Harvest Monday

Friday, 26 July 2019

Green Beans, Yellow Courgette and Cheddar Quiche

I made this Green Bean, Yellow Courgette and Cheddar Quiche last weekend. with vegetables from the garden plot.  It was served with salad and tomatoes which were also homegrown. 

I was enjoying the quiche very much, then I tasted a papery texture in mouth.  In my head I thought it must be either the courgettes or one of the lettuce leaves and continued eating.  It was only when we finished eating,  I mentioned it to D that it tasted a bit papery in places and he agreed.  It was only on his agreeing that it dawned on me that I had left the baking parchment paper on the pastry when I blind baked it. Yes I made the shortcrust pasty from scratch this time.  I have never done anything like this before.  

As we had only eaten half of the quiche, the following day we were surprisingly able to separate the eggy quiche part from the pastry  and pull out the remaining baking parchment paper.

Now that I have told you this, I might as well admit to you that I made another mistake in my rushed attempt to get this Quiche into the oven.  I was given some eggs by the neighbours, I cracked them one by one into a jug, before adding it to the milk for mixing.  Well, I forgot to add one of the eggs to the mixture.  It was only when I was about to transfer it to the oven for cooking, that my eyes fell upon the egg still in the jug.  Well, I quickly resolved that by whisking it and pouring it over the filling, giving the quiche filling a gentle stir here and there to blend.  It turned out fine, thank goodness.  

Honestly, I don't mess up like this - so this was an unusual day in the kitchen, perhaps my mind was on other things... 

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Weston-super-Mare Again

I have some more photographs to share from our day in Weston-Super-Mare in England.

We had arrived in Weston-Super-Mare quiet early so had a bit of a wander in the park....

Can you see the squirrel?!  It was quite tame, and came up pretty close a few times. 
Then we walked on over to the beach admiring some humorous graffiti art along the way.
As I said at the start, we had arrived there early and the only other people on the beach at the time were dog walkers.  

Monday, 22 July 2019

Popping Cherry Tomatoes into my Mouth

I left work a little early this afternoon and on my way down in the lift a young lad got on carrying a sunflower in a pot.  You may wonder why this is unusual.  I work in a tower block, there are literally no green spaces around us, its all concrete.  He noted my bemusement and told me, they are having a competition in their office with the tallest sunflower.  Oh I smiled, that's nice.

When I got back home, I took a gander at my sunflowers in my garden and they are every size, but the size the should be.  According to the packet they are Russian Giant Sunflowers should grow up to ten feet, well mine are not even my height, which is just over five foot by the way.  Well, I guess there is still time. 

Anyway, here is my small, but tasty harvest.
  Some cherry tomatoes.
Some more broad beans and mint that were picked last week and used for a Gnocchi Salad dish. 
This is what I picked from the garden plot yesterday, some peas, runner beans and dwarf yellow beans, and my first yellow courgette of the year.  

A number of the vegetables above, went into the Garden Vegetable Quiche below.  Oh forgot to mention, the salad leaves are homegrown too. Its good to be eating homegrown vegetables, especially the tomatoes. 
I am sharing this harvest with Dave who blogs at Happy Acres for Harvest Monday.  

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Weston-Super-Mare Sand Sculpture Festival

We went to Weston-Super-Mare last week for a change of scenery and to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. 

I have blogged about Weston-Super-Mare before, its a seaside town. And as much as I like eating chips by the sea and licking ice-cream, I am not a beach person in the slightest.  
So I was glad to see something else happening there.  

We had never been to the Sand Sculpture Festival before, so  decided to check it out this year and it was actually quite good.
The theme this year were interpretations of the hypothetical question ...What If ?!  I admit I did not get them all let's see how well you can do?!
We don't stop using plastic,    

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Red Gooseberry /and Raspberry Tart

I made this Red Gooseberry and Raspberry Tart a fortnight ago  with my homegrown my red gooseberries,  and let me tell you not only was it pretty, it was really delicious.  
Here is a lovely warm slice for you to feast your eyes upon.
The Gooseberry Tart recipe comes from Sarah RavenSarah Raven uses green gooseberries,  my substitution was more necessity than design as I only had 200g red gooseberries and just over 200g raspberries from the garden plot, so I combined them both.  But if you have 400g of either gooseberries or raspberries, it does not have to be a combination of both. 

Look closely at the photograph above, you will see half of it is raspberries and the other half red gooseberries.  If you want sweet, go for the raspberries, if you want sharp go for the red gooseberries.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Simple Broad Beans, Gnocchi and Mint Salad

It's been an interesting week with lots happening around me as I found myself in Cardiff this week where Extinction Rebellion were in the city protesting again climate change and climate emergency . 
These are just a handful of pictures, I managed to snap with my smart phone. 
Castle Street is one of the busiest streets in Cardiff and it was a change from seeing it traffic free. 
The broad beans have been gracing the dinner table the last two weeks.  We have been eating them simply, briefly blanched in simmering water, drained and then tossed in a little seasoned extra virgin oil.
Work has been keeping me busy, so I am not going to apologise for using shop brought gnocchi here.  There have been days when I have just wanted to put something quick on the table for supper and this was on one of those evenings.   I don't even have a recipe to share here either, as I eye-balled the ingredients and tweaked the flavours to taste, namely mint and lemon.  I will admit though I did somewhat find shelling the broad beans a little therapeutic and satisfying.

It made for s nice light meal and one we could have sat out and ate in the garden, but no - we plonked ourselves in front of the TV to watch the Channel 4 News
I am sharing this Simple Broad Bean, Gnocchi and Mint Salad with Eat Your Greens which I co-host with the Veg Hog, this month it is my turn; and Soup, Salad and Sammies hosted by Kahakai Kitchen

Monday, 15 July 2019

Baby Beetroot and Broad Beans

We have more broad beans from the garden plot; and some baby beetroot.

I had to pull the beetroot out of the ground as they were beginning to bolt.  
I also harvested some more raspberries, but the strawberries are beginning to dwindle.  
And for those of you who came by last week, this is what I did to my red gooseberriesI made a Red Gooseberry and Raspberry Tart.  
If you look close, you will see half the side is filled with red gooseberries and the other half with raspberries. It was delicious.  
I will share the recipe for the Red Gooseberry or Raspberry Tart over the next few days, right now though I am sharing this blog post with Dave over at Happy Acres for Harvest Monday, where gardeners from all over the world come together to share their harvest.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Broad Beans and Red Gooseberries

Last month I shared the first of my strawberries and the last of the chard from the garden plot.

Today, I share a small harvest of goodies from the garden.
Here are some broad beans, some strawberries and a good handful of raspberries.  
And most of the red gooseberries. I managed to get to them this year before the birds did. 

If anyone has got any sweet recipe ideas for red gooseberries, please do let me know. 
Now a quick peek to see what else is growing, of course more raspberries.  I have to say, these are much tastier than those I harvested last year that lacked flavour. We've been eating them with Greek Yogurt.
Blueberries coming along.  
In the greenhouse we have tomatoes, still a little way off.  We are not growing any fancy tomatoes this year, which I am a little disappointed about as I do like to try some heritage variety, but just was not organised enough.  Plus our good neighbour got himself a new hobby which included a greenhouse is growing a number of heritage tomatoes.  He is even growing goji berries.  He has been bestowed these plants by a friend of his who grows unusual vegetables and heritage variety.  Am I jealous - of course not - yes I am a little, I want his friend to give me some. Truthfully though, we get on well with this neighbour, he is the one that gave us cherries and the reddest eating apples I have ever seen. So I am really pleased that he is enjoying his new hobby. 
Here are some broad beans - more ready for the picking.
The peas are coming along now, there are pods if you look closely. 
And finally climbing beans in purple, yellow and green, as well as runner beans.
You can't see it here, but right in front is the courgette patch, the gold/yellow variety.  I think I will have harvested my first courgette come the weekend. And forgive me for the make shift cane toppers which also includes a empty bottle of wine and beer.  Well someone stole my terracotta pig cane toppers that I haven't got round to replacing them, so I am doing a bit of reusing.
And finally this Echinacea belong to D.  He bought it for the bees, as if our garden doesn't have enough bee friendly plants! No I am really happy about it.  I marvel at how its grows. 

I am sharing this blog post with Dave over at Happy Acres for Harvest Monday.