Thursday, 26 February 2015

Little Green Kale Fritters

It was half term school holidays here in Wales last week and I popped into my brothers house in the afternoon, it happened to be Shrove Tuesday that day.  Like a nosey Aunt I peered over my nieces shoulder who was surfing the Internet for pancake recipes.  I teased her was she going to make her Aunty some lovely sweet pancakes?.  She confidently nodded her head and said she would, but I wasn't too sure when she was actually ever going to detach herself from the comfort of the sattee and physically go into the kitchen and create them, so in short I didn't get any.

So having felt I missed out a little,  I made some savoury fritters of my own over the weekend.  I would have preferred sweet, but having paid a long well overdue visit to the garden, it ended up being savoury ones with a good handful of garden pickings of curly kale.  
I am rather ashamed to admit that I haven't ventured much into the garden this year, but fortunately D has - every day in fact, as he goes out to feed the various birds we have and refresh the bird bath.  He raised my awareness a week or so back, when we had the high winds that the neighbours fence had fallen down,  typically it landed on our side too.  I begrudge this as it means more work for us in the garden come March.
Anyway, having finally stretched my legs in the garden my eyes fell on some curly kale that had not been got at by the beasties, bugs and birds.  I also spotted some purple sprouting broccoli, but thought it could do with another week to sprout a bit more, I will pick it this weekend.  

Back to the Green Kale Fritters,  D liked them very much describing them as 'a nice change'. There were some left over, which he polished off the following day simply re-heating them in the microwave.  I served these little fritters with a home-made sweetcorn-chilli relish. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Green Valley Elvis Smoothie

This Green Valley Elvis Smoothie is so called because it contains two ingredients alleged to be enjoyed by the King of Rock'n'Roll, the one and only Elvis Presley - peanut butter and bananas. 

As smoothies with green leafy vegetables seems to be the rage, I decided to throw in a handful of curly kale from my garden.
The Green Valley Elvis Smoothie is super smooth.  The curly kale not only gives colour and body to this smoothie, it also impart some of its flavour but this is well balanced by the banana, 'milk' and further enhanced by the sweetener, this time coming from the peanut butter, but you could easily substitute this with maple syrup or honey. I wouldn't describe this Green Smoothie as delicious at all, but it filled a hole in my belly and actually tasted good.  I would be more than happy to make it again.  I even gave D a glass and he was quite happy to drink it too, but he wasn't that impressed by the name I gave it, suggesting maybe calling it #Green Green Grass Of Home', but I am not budging. 
By they way did you know that there has been some speculation that Elvis ancestral roots may be of Welsh origin, such as Elvis Presley's ancestors coming from the Preseli Hills and Mountains in Pembrokeshire, Wales and having links with a nearby parish called St Elvis.  Well whatever the truth, this man is a world wide true legend. 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Portobello Mushroom Stuffed with Tricolour Couscous

 I picked up these Portobello mushrooms to make a particular recipe, but when I got home I completely forgot what recipe I wanted to make (problem of flicking through too many cookbooks or maybe it's age?!).  

So in true ready steady cook style I just knocked up a light lunch and these Stuffed Mushrooms were on the table in not too long. 
I had half a packet of Tricolour Couscous left over from my Chickpea Marrow Curry rrecipe. The Tricolour Couscous is made up of golden couscous, some grains are delicately flavoured with spinach and tomato.   I decided to make the most of it as the primary base of my mushroom stuffing complimenting it further with some cooked chickpeas and the rest of the ingredients came from the fridge: spring onions, pepper, feta cheese and coriander.  

It made for a lovely light, colourful and flavoursome starter.  Now whats for dinner?! - leftovers from yesterday.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Sweet Potato Dauphinoise with Smoked Chilli Feta Cream

This Sweet Potato Dauphinoise is made without cream or milk and before you go 'ahhhhhh...'  In place of the the cream and/or milk, salty feta cheese is blitzed to a cram with smoked chilli paste, producing a deeply flavoured thick warming sauce.  
This dish pleased my husband very much on a number of accounts, but namely because it had feta cheese in it, one of his favourites.   I don't eat cheese much, but the flavour combinations in this one did excite me and it did not disappoint when it came to the eating either.   In fact I would go as far as describing this recipe as awesome too.  The sweetness from the potatoes balanced very well with the smoky chiilli and saltiness from the feta cheese.     
Ready to go into the oven to turn all golden and crispy
The smoky chilli flavour can also be achieved by adding a teaspoon of chilli powder with liquid smoke; or even at a push with smoked paprika, however I actually made it with a ready-made smoky chilli paste,  I  had completely forgotten about it, then whilst rummaging for some seeds I stumbled upon it.  The jar contained a couple of tablespoons of paste, enough for this recipe, it was last used for a Risotto recipe.   

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Apricot and Almond Muffins

I can't believe its been a long while since I shared with you all a muffin recipe, I am surprised really as I have been making them.  

These Apricot and Almond Muffins were actually made with fresh apricots, rather than dried ones.  I assure you I did not bring home the little golden fleshy balls out of season, D did, but I forgive him this time as he was good and ate most of them with Greek yogurt and honey.  There were only a few left in the fruit bowl that I decided to go ahead and bake with as all the other ingredients were close to hand.
Once out of the oven and cooled down, D took one bite and said'Yum, these are really nice'. He said they reminded him a little of frangipane tart but one made with apricots; and I have to agree.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Vegan Chocolate Beetroot Black Bean Chilli

Another Sunday pottering in the kitchen, and another day relying on store-cupboard ingredients.  

We really enjoying tucking into home-made vegetarian chilli , so that was on the menu again but with a few little changes, instead of the usual bell peppers; or pumpkin; or butternut squash.  I decided to throw in a couple of beetroots that had been sitting at the bottom of my fridge.  I had mentally bookmarked to make the lovely Lucy's Raw Beetroot Bliss Balls with the beetroot, but I actually still have some Raw Raspberry Coconut Balls in the freezer, so before I can make more to replace them, I need to demolish those that I already have, so the point is the beetroot was destined for a different recipe.  I also decided to finish off using the last of my dried chocolate habenero chillies that I picked up when I was in the city a few months back.  I mentioned in another post that the  chocolate habenero chilli  does have subtle chocolate undertones, and an earthy and spicy chilli kick.  If you cannot find chocolate habenero chilli where you are, worry not my lovely readers, you can still make my recipe at home, just see my suggestion below.
I have had a stash of Black Turtle Beans for a good while, so black beans tend to be the bean of my choice for vegetarian and vegan chillies, but I do now and again ring the changes, but I would not advise it for this recipe if you want it to look bold and dramatic.  No for this recipe, it has to be Black Turtle Beans, so called because of the black shiny smooth dark shell like appearance.  

I have made Chocolate Black Bean Chilli with real dark chocolate before, but it failed to impress me then, so I was happy to try again with some changes and I have to say, it was truly delightful. The Chocolate Beetroot Black Bean Chilli was really lovely and it will only get better as it steeps and the flavours enhance further.  I loved how the beetroot just coloured the entire dish. As it was Valentines weekend, I also decided to cut some of the beetroot in tiny heart shapes, I guess there is a little romantic soul in me after all.  
We have enjoyed the Chocolate Habenero Beetroot Black Bean Chilli with plain boiled Basmati rice.  However, there are lots of ways to enjoy this dish.  No doubt in the next few days it will be served as an Enchillada filling; maybe even with some tortilla crisps; or polenta chips or chickpea fries,; or simply presented in a bowl served with sliced of avocado and flavoured soured cream, maybe...   

If you have any left over, you could even whizz it up in a Blender and turn it into a luscious, deep red Chocolate Beetroot Black Bean Soup.  
If you like the sound of this, then you will love my Beetroot Chocolate Cake that also happens to be vegan too. 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Vegan Valentines Welshcakes and Other Heart Shaped Edibles

A little blog post today showcasing some heart shaped edibles for St Valentines Day, many of which were made in the past six  months.   
These heart shaped vegan Valentines Welsh Cakes  are based on the same  recipe that I made for St Dwynwen's Day - Wales Patron Saint of Love and Lovers.  St  Dwynwen's Day is celebrated on the January 25th, follow this link for the vegan Welsh cake recipe. 
These Rose and Almond 'Heart' Cakes were very popular last year, I have been asked to make some more.  
 Raw Beetroot Coconut Halwa 'Heart' Fudge (vegan) - one of my favourites!
Red Velvet Raw Beetroot 'Bounty' Bars (vegan)
And finally Rhubarb and Custard Cream Cheese 'Heart' Bars (vegetarian).  And if that was not enough, here is a link to past heart shaped edibles, some sweet, some savoury, some vegan and some vegetarian!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Well Tasty Vegetarian Nut Loaf

It was only when Lou who blogs over at Rainbow Chard  made my  Za'atar Chickpea Loaf that I pleasantly stumbled upon her recipe for Chestnut Roast aka Chestnut, Walnut and Mushroom Nut Roast. I immediately requested the recipe and she was more than happy to share.  
So as if to repay to compliment, I finally went and made it at the weekend.  I did a few things differently but not in any way that would alter the recipe.  I just used a tin of pureed chestnuts instead of fresh, I used mixed nuts and finally, I made the nut roast in small individual baking tins featured in this post
The recipe was utterly gorgeous.  It had depth and was wonderfully flavoured with lots of different textures, from the crunch of the nuts, the softness of the sweet savoury chestnut puree and richness from the cheddar cheese.   It will be appearing on my table in the near future again. Follow this link for the recipe.  

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Sweet Potato and Cheese Bake

Its been a longish working day.  As I had worked through my lunch break, one bonus from the day was that I was home a little earlier, which mean't I had a little more time to potter in the kitchen. These days when I get in from work, I just want to put something relatively quick on the table like pasta, unless of course I had prepped something over the weekend, then it is much more considered.  
Anyway, I had already mentally bookmarked a recipe that had been submitted to Vegetable Palette last month by Anne at Anne's Kitchen; and as I had most of the ingredients, I went ahead and made it. By the time D got home, it was pretty much ready to serve up. D was delighted with this sweet and savoury  warming orange glow of a dish, moreso as its been a while since I made a cheesy bake.  

As I was following Veganuary last month it impacted on him quite a bit, as anything I was cooking or baking  was completely vegan for January, but he did not grumble once.  Bless. I think he is quietly glad now that is is February.  Funny though, as a lot of the dishes I make happen to be vegan, in fact I would go as far as saying that 90 percent of what I make at home is accidentally vegan, but I will keep that hush.  
The recipe below makes a rather big portion, perfect for a little family or friends, but no so much for a couple, so we will be tucking into this tomorrow too.    

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Rhubarb and Custard Cream Cheese Bars

I have had a jar of Duerr's Rhubarb and Custard Jam in my kitchen cupboards for a few good months now, every time I went to use it something came up and then it went back into the cupboards.  I made a decision to bake with it this month, the so-called month of Love, and as my husband loves rhubarb (and custard), I thought I would make him a few delicious treats.  I have already made him Rhubarb and Custard doughnuts - that happen to be vegan and gluten free. 
However, these Rhubarb and Custard Bars are made with cream cheese.  I added a teeny bit of red food colouring to the cream cheese for the pink colouring, as I thought it would look a bit more pretty, and therefore more appealing, hope you agree - but obviously its all about the taste and that did not disappoint.  These bars are not overly sweet, just sweet enough.  They are a cross between a cereal bar and a cheesecake, so definitely one that is a little more luxurious than your average breakfast bar, and not good for the hips, tums and bums, but still very very nice.  
The Duerr's Rhubarb and Custard Jam smells very rhubarb and when you close your eyes and taste it, it really does really taste like those hard boiled retro Rhubarb and Custard sweets - tangy rhubarb and smooth creamy custard.  I loved how it maintained it soft gooey texture once baked, as others I have used in the past burn or become really chewy.   And guess what, its suitable for vegans.  I am sharing some of these Rhubarb and Custard Cream Cheese Bards with Recipe of the Week hosted by Emily at A Mummy Too.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Communists Love Rhubarb and Custard Doughnuts/Donuts

This is the first time I have ever made doughnuts or donuts if your in the USA, and vegan and gluten free ones to boast further. Although I am very pleased with on how they turned out, I'm not 100% happy sharing the recipe as it may need a little tweaking.  

You see the original recipes used xanthum gum, an ingredient that appears on lots of gluten free pastry and baked goods recipes.  I did not have any, so I made these doughnuts without it.  Its omission did not seem to do any harm to the recipe, but how would I really know having not made these before.  
Anyway, in half of them I dolloped a teaspoon of Duerrs Rhubarb and Custard Jam into the batter of each doughnut just as they were to go into the oven: and in the other half, only once baked I injected the Rhubarb and Custard Jam with an icing syringe setWell let me tell you, I now know why jams are not put into the doughnuts whilst baking, they burst or burn into the moulds. As this Rhubarb and Custard Jam's consistency was a little thicker, I used one of the larger nozzles to inject the jam into the finished doughnut.  A word of advise, this icing syringe is great for injecting jam into regular size doughnuts, but is not necessarily good for intricate icing of cookies like gingerbread men.   

D really liked these doughnuts and said that they were moist and had the consistency of deep-fried doughnut, even though these were baked in the oven.  The doughnuts got further praise from one of my brothers who actually sent me a text the following evening describing them as 'delicious - please make more', so they must have been A okay. 
As I said, this was my first time making vegan gluten free doughnuts, so I hope to make them again, with similar results, so I err  a little on the side of caution when I share the recipe below which is adapted from Babycakes. If you don't have this Rhubarb and Custard Jam, then substitute with another jam or try something different like banoffee curd or even my own creation of Rhubarb Hibiscus Butter , just remember to omit the custard powder from the recipe below.    I am sharing some of these doughnuts with Bake of the Week hosted by Casa Costello.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Spring Greens Gratin with Vegan Soul

I made this Potato Gratin with Spring Greens at the weekend.  The recipe made a good portion and served us during the working week as well.  The recipe comes from Vegan Soul Kitchen.  I had not planned on making this winter gratin, looking more favourably at some of the other belly warming recipes, but when I found myself with some spring greens that I described in a  previous post as winter greens, I wondered what to with it.  I haven't been fancying seasonal cabbage or broccoli, so spring greens have been arriving in our grocery shop the past few weeks and I have to say I have not mind eating it, though I have to admit I have had to be more creative with it, than just steaming it and then smothering in garlicky warm oil. 
So stumbling on this recipe whilst flicking through the Vegan Soul Kitchen one evening was good.  Its not a dish that you just knock up, it has processes and it takes a little love and time, so I recommend making this at the weekend, when you may have more time to potter in the kitchen.    
I really liked the spice coating on the potatoes which was made up with chilli flakes, chilli powder, oregano, thyme, sea salt and some olive oil.  Baked until just tender.  
Here the potatoes are layered, then topped with garlicky Spring greens, then the layers are repeated, before the panko breadcrumbs are sprinkled over, some non dairy milk is poured over  first and then allowed to bake until crisp and golden.  
I have a hard copy of Vegan Soul Kitchen cookbook and followed the recipe word for word , so won't republish it here, but if you do-not have a copy of your own or cannot find it at your local library, you can find the original recipe for  Roasted Potato and Mixed Greens Gratin From Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry here.  Scroll down on this peek  preview into the contents of his cookbook and you will find the recipe on p122 . The only changes I made were very minor and served more as substitutes rather than an adaptation, I used soy milk in place of rice milk and I used spring greens in place of the collard greens and mustard greens. However, if the lovely Mr Terry does stumble upon my blog and grant me permission to post the recipe on my blog, then I am more than happy to do so - until then...if you are interested in this cuisine, then try and get your mitts on the cookbook.  I have his new book Afro-Vegan on my wish list. 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Three Seed Coconut Facon Bacon Nibbles

I know the non-vegetarian and non-vegan readers of my blog may be a bit flummoxed by this entry, but please stick with it, as the flavour combinations may just tempt you to make these light nibbles at home, but for some of the veggies amongst us these light nibbles mimic the flavour of smoky bacon (not replace it).

I have been happily making vegan 'facon 'bacon at home for years now and make it almost every month, but I've been wanting to try coconut bacon for a while.  I can't remember the first time I had heard about it, but I was constantly reminded of it by Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe as she was more proactive in trying new recipes at home, whereas I would just bookmark them and forget them.  Well, this recipe has been bookmarked long enough that I actually got motivated to making it this weekend, but having seen Johanna's variation with nuts, I was further inspired and thought I would chuck in some seeds instead that have been in my kitchen cupboards for a year (still in date by the way).  
Oh my, they are very moreish.  In fact D loves these toasted sweet smoky seedy munchies and has been taking a small container into work filled to the brim.  I think he has nearly finished the jar and its not even halfway through the week yet.  You know what this means, I will be making them again for sure.  I was thinking about making Sweet and Salty Coconut Bacon for my Friday Nights, just a matter of time.
A fellow blogger suggested scattering them over salads as well for crunch, makes sense have you heard of 'bacon flavour bits' which by the way also happens to be vegan.  Who'duh funk it.  

Monday, 2 February 2015

Feel Good Vegetable Palette Round Up #7

Welcome to January 2015 Round up of 'The Vegetable Palette: natures colours - natures goodness''.  
The theme for January was Feel Good Vegetables.   
The fist entry comes Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary.  Elizabeth presents to us a simple and stunning red bowl of Slow roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup.  I really have no words to add, other than this is deep, gorgeous and delightful.  Someone, please pass me over a spoon.  
Then we have a Spicy Root Soup from Linzi who blogs at Lancashire Food.  This warming glowing bowl of goodness is made from carrots, swede, parsnips, potatoes and lots of warm spices like ginger, cumin and chilli flakes.  This is a proper winter soup made with seasonal vegetables and store-cupboard spices.   
Janet from the Taste Space brings to the table a Jamaican Jerk Plantain Soup .  Just looking at the colours from the red peppers, yellow plantains, and green spring onions makes me feel happy and all warm inside. I can only imagine how good this tastes with all those spices like allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and thyme.  And that's not it, the vegetables are swimming in a fragrant coconut broth...mmmm. 
Linsy Patel from Home Cooked Food delights us with Vegetarian Kashmiri Rogan Josh.  This Kashmiri Rogan Josh is made with soy chunks, aubergine and lots of Kashmiri spices.  Its thickened with yogurt.  The colour is just warming.  Linsy served it with Chana Dal Pilav.
Next we have the lovely Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes with a vibrant Orange, Carrot and Goats Cheese Salad with Pumpkin Seeds.  Wow, just look at the colours on that plate, bright and in your face, just looking at it I feel virtuous.  Orange comes from not just carrots, but also navel oranges, then topped with goat cheese balls and added crunch from the pumpkin seeds.   
Next we have is Nasifriet from the blog 'By the Way...' with Makizishi Meal Kit a Volente.  This is what I love about blogging, you meet new bloggers and I so welcome Nasifriet to the Vegetable Palette Challenge.  I need to invite Nasifriet to my home as D my husband has been nagging me for vegetable sushi for a while and these light morsels would satisfy him surely.  She also has a recipe where sushi is stuffed into a Tofu Pocket, you have to go on over and have a look please.  
Helen at Family-Friends-Food shares with us an unfussy, quick and comforting plate of Spaghetti with Herby Leeks and Cheesy Crumbs.  Helen writes that 'the leeks lend a sweet oniony flavour to counter the savoury richness of the cheese, and the breadcrumbs soak up the butter and oil to become tiny nuggets of chewy, golden deliciousness' - now that sounds yummy.  What I like about this recipe too is the use of the under-rated leeks, the Welsh in my must promote this vegetable much more.  
Anne from Anne's Kitchen shares with us a comfort dish Sweet Potato and Mozzarella Bake. A generous helping of this would be most welcome for sure.  I think I may just be tempted to make this.  Not only does it look good, but the fact is that I have most of the ingredients at home  (except for the mozzarella cheese).  This bake looks really wholesome and hearty and with its colours -  orange and purple, well these can only make your feel hip. 
And finally, from Vanesther at Bangers and Mash we have a unusual, yet still very delicious snack - Kale and Cauliflower Samosas .  If I had thought about it, my blog would probably had been called The Adventures of Samosa Girl, as I really really like them, but I was never that sassy or forward thinking at that time.  Anyway, back to these awesome Indian style hand pastry pies made with seasonal vegetables and spices - love it and a clever way to get little ones to eat more vegetables. 

I would like to thank everyone for their contributions.  If you would like to participate in the Vegetable Palette, then please follow this link on how to participate.  The theme for February is Love Vegetables.  Please share vegetables that you LOVE and ENJOY eating!

Eat Your Green Round Up #8

Welcome to 'Eat Your Greens' Round Up  #8.    
This is a monthly vegetarian cooking challenge for food bloggers to make something with a green vegetable (or fruit) each month.  
The first entry comes from Linzi at Lancashire Food and its a very, very green Potato, Spinach, Pea and Basil Soup.  Linzi described it as 'Shreks Swamp', but I have to tell you I would be more than happy to dive into this green swamp of good green vegetables albeit from the freezer and herbs.   Go on tuck in, you know you want too.
Next we have The Veg Hog with Freekeh Salad with Roasted Courgettes and Halloumi.  The smoky freekeh is enhanced with roasted baby courgettes and mixed green salad leafy greens and fresh coriander. Topped off beautifully with golden halloumi cubes.
Janet at The Taste Space shares with us a Yellow Moong Dal and Spinach Curry.  This golden bowl with hues of orange is flecked with green from the spinach and coriander.  As a South Asian chic this is pure comfort food for me.  Tuck into this curry with either a naan bread or rice.  
And finally from Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe we have Beetroot and Lentil Salad and before you go, woaw wait where is the green here?  Well take a closer look and you will find baby spinach, spring onions and capers!  This makes for a lovely winter salad with its thick yogurt dressing.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who shares their green eats.  If you would like to share your #Eat Your Greens recipes for February, then please follow this link for details on how to participate.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

February 2015 In My Kitchen

My goodness is it already February 2015, I cannot believe how fast January has gone by. Okay onto what's in my kitchen for February.  Well there were a lot of vegan ingredients in my kitchen last month as I was following the Veganuary challenge, but this month begins with a bit of a mish mash. of crockery, edibles and bites.  Hope you like.  
I share with you a a plate, a bowl and a mug that I picked up from a charity shop last month.  
This is what it looks look when put together.  The child in me likes it.  I don't think I will ever use it, but it makes me smile whenever it catches my eye. I am sharing this charity shop treasure with Thriftasauraus.
This little tub of Black Garlic has been sitting at the back of my kitchen cupboard for a few months, its time to use it, so come back to check out some of the recipes I make with it this month.
I haven't opened either of these jars yet, but am looking forward to spreading them on my bagels, it would make a nice change from peanut butter.  The Curd Herd Heavenly Blackcurrant and Star Anise sounds unusual; and the Meridian Crunchy Hazelnut Butter well just would make a lovely change.
From Steenberg Organics I have some Fair trade Saffron, Orange Blossom Water and Apple Stuffing.   Any one have any suggestions as to what to do with orange blossom water, I do have some ideas, but other suggestions are always appreciated. 
Marigold Pomegranate Molasses that will go perfect with my Zaytoun ingredients to cook up a Middle Eastern inspired dish. Just in case your wondering, the accompanying pomegranates are fake, they come out for Christmas table, but I forgot to pack them away this year, so they are adorning a fruit bowl in the kitchen window. 
I have had a bit of a sore throat recently, so have been putting a few drops of Echinacea liquid into my herbal and fruit teas, fortunately the cold has stayed away and so far no time has been taken off work, so it must be doing me some good. 
I have had a recipe bookmarked from Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe for vegan coconut bacon for a little while, and finally got round to making it today, but I couldn't help myself and adapted it a little by adding some sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds to the mix - its very moreish.  Here it is cooling down. 
And just as my adaptation of the vegan coconut bacon came out of the oven, these potato slices coated in chilli flakes were about to go into to the oven.  Come back later in the week to find out what dish this is.
And finally, 5:2 Vegetarian Cookbook by Celia Brooks.  I have been borrowing a copy of this book from the library the past year, but I was kindly bestowed my own hard copy by the talented Celia Brooks herself.  Other than the vegetarian and vegan recipes, what I like about this book mostly is that it is handbag size, so that I can pop it into my bag and take a gander for cooking inspiration for the coming week.    

I am sharing this post with the dynamic  Celia at Fig and Jam for February 2015 edition of In My Kitchen Series. Please go by and check out her post as well as the other IMK posts.