Saturday, 31 October 2015

Vegetable Palette: Orange Round Up

Welcome to October's round up of The Vegetable Palette and Fruit Palettenatures colours - natures goodness''. 
The theme for October was Halloween Colours  and we had three fantastic contributions.  (Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the new theme if you would like to take part this month).
I begin with a Tangled Thai Salad with Lime Peanut Dressing made with yellow beetroot and carrots from Janet at The Taste Space.
Next we have a Chickpea and Butternut Squash Schnitzel from the Veg Hog. The purple carrots looks fabulous too. 
And finally we have a golden bowl of Chestnut Pumpkin Soup from Nasifriet from By The Way...Loving the web!

Here are some other Orange Halloween ideas for future inspiration. If you would like to participate in the Vegetable Palette or even the Fruit Palette, then please follow THIS LINK on how to participate.  The theme for November is WHITE VEGETABLES.  See HERE for ideas from last year entries.

Friday, 30 October 2015

The Friday Before Halloween

So it's the Friday before Halloween.   I thought I would share this post Five on Fridays hosted by Amy at Love Made My Home.
Last year I was humbled to judge some cakes at a community event in the city centre.  I never got round to sharing the pictures on my blog last year, so here are a selected few from Halloween last year.
One - This one by the way is not one of the entries, it was the prize for the winner. 
Two - These Halloween cupcakes were the winners, for taste but also for visual impact and effort.  I love the individual pumpkin, the witches hat, the grave-stone heads, and look close there is even a spider and a ghost!
 We had this Chocolate Bundt cake covered in skull heads.
Three - There were also plenty of savoury nibbles, such as these creepy black olive spiders.  Not the best picture, but don't they look like they are moving - they were delicious to eat.
Another savoury morsel topped with peppers, olives, sweetcorn and gherkins.
More black olive spiders.
Four - Now we have some home-made spooky up-cycled tins (see first picture); DIY bats made by the children.
DIY Halloween bunting. I love individual and personal touches like these so much.
Five - A little while ago I made this Smoked Chilli Roasted Butternut Squash and Red Onion pastry tart.  Although still to be baked and turned golden, I think the colours are very seasonal!  
On a side note, a work friend is going tomorrow night to Fear Fest Halloween Night.  I am envious a it will be an awesome spooky night, but haven't been able to convince D to go with me, so I am excited for her and look forward to hearing from her come Monday.

Please do pop on over to Five on Fridays hosted by Amy at Love Made My Home to see what other bloggers have shared.

In and Around Marseille Part 2

More photographs from my holiday in Marseille, South of France, this time not focusing on Marseille Street Art, but being in and around Marseille.
 Approaching the Mucem in Marseille.
 European and Mediterranean Civilizations Museums
The exhibition at the time was called Divine Migrations, focusing on three civilization in the Mediterranean - Egypt, Greece and Rome, 
This quote from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is very pertinent right now with the crisis in Syria and the refugees.  
 Marseille Cathedral in the Background, below a close-up - but it was closed to the public.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

In and Around Marseille Part 1

More photographs from my holiday in Marseille, South of France, this time not focusing on Marseille Street Art, but being in and around Marseille. 
Welcome to Marseille. 
The Port in Marseille. 
Marseille Harbour  

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Marseille Streets and Graffiti Art

Here are some more photographs from my holiday in Marseille, South of France.  I continue to share with you some more  photographs of Marseille Street Art.  

And some of Marseille Streets 
I liked this one as it has a sticker of one of the movies that had an impact on me: La Haine (1995) and here is a relatively recent article by The Guardian on what has changed 20 years on?   Here is a link to the trailer if you interested.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Last of the Hanging Tomatoes and Trailing Nasturtiums

I don't have very much to share, sadly the only squash I had growing in the garden collapsed and rotted.  The garden is a proper mess, like an abandoned allotment plot.  We are hoping to tidy up the garden plot on Sunday.

Oh did  I mention that we were away for a week a couple of weeks back to the South of France, Marseille to be more specific.  Anyway, these are the last lot of tomatoes harvested from the garden.
Most of them are fine and dandy, but as you can see some are split - especially the Black Russian variety. 
Other than the odd raspberry here and there, the only colour in the garden is coming from the nasturtiums.  
I am loving the way they are trailing along the border of the path and trying to creep over.  
 Moreso, it was lovely to see a bumbling bee bull dozing in and out of them - just look closely. 
Plenty of shredded green leaves, but kneel down and you will find some Brussels Sprouts.  I harvested some over the weekend for a simple meal.  I am sharing this measly harvest with Dave over at Our Happy Acres who is hosting Harvest Monday on behalf of Daphne's Dandelions .

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Marseille Street Graffiti Art

A couple of weeks back, I went on holiday for a week in Marseille, South of France.  

I have a lot of holiday photographs to share, for readers of my blog, also for family and friends to look at, but today I share some photographs of Marseille Street Art.  I do have a load and I mean a load more to share, but lets begin with these.   
 l am liking this one very much.  Its of a young kid dressed wearing a Marseille Football shirt.  I like his and his dogs goofy smile.
Around the corner is either his brother or friend.  If you click on the image, the houses in the pictures, are cleverly done - many were 3D.

Marseille Fisherman with sardines.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Red and Yellow Beetroot Tart with Brie

I do love the versatility of the beetroot - from home-made beetroot granola to sweet homely cakes and bakes to vegan spreads and seitan 'steaks'. To world-wide inspired curries to wobbly jelly and simple, but colourful robust tarts - like this one. 
As you can see, I have used two different beetroots in this tart.  A Golden Beetroot and the traditional crimson-red
 I sliced the beetroot, then doused it generously with some good olive oil and good balsamic vinegar and allowed it to roast until it was tender.  I must emphasize the importance of good olive oil and good balsamic vinegar here, its essential as these two ingredients make the beetroot the star of the dish, without them, although aesthetically pleasing, the flavour  would just be too earthy. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Crafty Friday

A few weeks back, we went to Gloucester.  We stopped.  I like these vintage fruit and vegetable jars, I have a number - but no purchasing of them as I have a number of my own including beetroot when I made beetroot hash and crying onion showcased when I made White Broccoli Risotto, so these were for admiring only. 
I saw this up-cycled bottle with a peacock and little gems at a rural craft market in this corner of Wales.  I was so close to treating myself to it, but resisted.   A little part of me regrets its, a big part doesn't as I had no place to put it in my home. 
Once a week, in my lunch hour I visit Healthy Planet - Books for Free, I have come back with a number of (cook-) books (and did the good deed and donated some too).  I will share with you some books added to my burgeoning  bookshelf, but it was this up-cycled book that caught my attention - if you look close - READ.  This was made by one of their volunteers, very cool. 
At one of the rural craft markets I saw this fabric bag with stitched vegetable and fruit names in appropriate colours, funny thing, I just can't work out what the blue or purple one is - any ideas? 
And finally my own little creation that was consumed.  I made this Rose Cake.  It was my second time at sugar crafting, I've made a snowman with earmuffs before, but making flowering rose petals was a little more fiddly.  Not one for top marks, but I tried.  The icing I would do again, but the sugar crafting, well I need a lot more practice, but the cake was lovely.
I am sharing this with y Amy at Love Made My Home , she hosts Five on Fridays, please do pope on over and see what other bloggers have shared.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Chocolate Brownie's Sister: Meet Blondie - White Chocolate and Cranberries

Its been a while since I've made a sweet cakey bake with lots of butter and chocolate, white chocolate to be more specific.  

At one point, I couldn't remember whether I had made a White Chocolate Blondie before, but I had ad found it ridiculously sweet then.  I have to be in the mood for really really sweet things and this was bordering.  
I took some Blondies into work and offered them to colleagues.  Some were bewildered at the existence of a white chocolate equivalent of the Dark Chocolate Brownie.  Of course they were amused.  Sadly, a few of them were not keen on the content of the dried fruit and declined my generous offer, but if you want to dive into some of these sweet bites, you can find the recipe below. I am sharing this with Alphabakes hosted by Caroline Makes and The More Than Occasional Baker.  The letter this month is W for White Chocolate; and We Should Cocoa devised by Tin and Thyme and hosted this month by It's Not Easy Being Greedy: Theme USA and I think blondies and brownies are a USA import to the UK, tell me if I'm wrong?!.