Friday, 22 March 2019

Wild Garlic Manifesto or My Wild Garlic Cookbook

Wild Garlic Manifesto.

It all started with Denis Cotter.  Denis Cotter was the first vegetarian chef to showcase wild garlic.  He was also the source of my inspiration, as  the very first wild garlic recipe to appear on my blog almost ten years ago was inspired by him.  This Wild Garlic Walnut Pesto comes from his cookbook aptly called Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and Me (2010). 

Since then there has been no stopping me. I struggled to find recipes for wild garlic at the time, even celebrity chefs and the world wide web proved disappointing at the time, so I started adapting , being inspired and created many of my own wild garlic recipes, even throwing some into tinned beans, because in my greed I had foraged so much of it.  Some recipes were original at the time and some were not so much, however  over time more and more wild garlic recipes started appearing both on blogosphere and cookbooks, that there is no longer an excuse for lack of recipes ideas and ways of using wild garlic in cooking.  

I still I remain inspired by some humble food bloggers.  I have grand plans to adapt the Green Gourmet Giraffe Savoury Green Pesto Scones with wild garlic, by the way Johanna makes the best savoury vegan and vegetarian scones in my humble opinion.  I also want to adapt this Coriander Salsa recipe and Green Curry made with spinach and coriander with wild garlic.

I decided to write this blog post for two reasons.  One its that seasonal time of year for picking wild garlic around parks, the countryside and foragers secret spots.  Secondly, I was both surprised and pleased to find some in my vegetable box this week,  so rather than re-invent the wheel, I thought I would share a selection of Wild Garlic recipes that have appeared on my blog over the last 10 years in the hope that it will inspire those of you new to wild garlic; and as a word of encouragement, experiment with wild garlic as you would spinach, please don't be tied down to recipes.  Above you will find:  Wild Garlic Farinata or Socca; Wild Garlic Crisps and Wild Garlic Hummus.  
Little savoury wild garlic chickpea pancakes or fritters.
Wild garlic Hummus
Free Falling Wild Garlic Pakoras.  You can be more experimental and add it to falafels or polpettes.
 Wild garlic Chickpea Curry
 Wild garlic Channa Dal
Wild garlic Roti
Wild Garlic Pesto Pasta
Wild Garlic Frittata or Tortilla
Wild garlic and Feta Quiche
 Wild garlic Macaroni Cheese
Trio of Garlic Savoury Cake: Wild Garlic, Black Garlic and  White Garlic
Wild Garlic, Potato, Feta and Pine Nut Quiche 
Wild garlic Gnocchi inspired by Denis Cotter stinging nettle gnocchi.  
Wild garlic Rice with Peas or add wild garlic to Risotto
Wild garlic Potato Salad with Mixed Beans
Wild garlic Tabbouleh
 Wild garlic Soup with Wild Garlic Flowers
Wild Garlic Poached Eggs or add it to an Omelette.

I will end with a very green Wild Garlic Pesto jar - the first recipe many make with their foraged bunch of wild garlic.

Other bookmarked Wild Garlic recipes to make from fellow bloggers
The Ordinary Cooks Wild Garlic Pull Apart Loaf
The Ordinary Cooks Wild Garlic Bread 

Sylvan Somethings Wild Garlic Mousse 

Monday, 18 March 2019

Cheesy Kale, Butternut Squash and Potato Pot Pie

Every weekend the past couple of months have been rain heavy that we have stayed indoors.  This weekend was not different, it poured and with me, still not feeling 100% in good health, I was happy to stay within the warmth of my four walls called home.  Only thing, we were very low on fresh vegetables and the every day question 'what's for dinner?!' lingered on my mind for a moment, but it was for only moment as we were saved the hassle of going out to shop for some vegetables.

I had a butternut squash in my vegetable basket for a couple of months, we always have the odd potato or two lying around, but that was not going to be enough to magic up a hearty meal.  I wondered if the winter greens in the garden were still edible and then actually went out to investigate.  The Tuscan black kale has gone to seed, but the curly kale still seemed to be thriving, so I plucked a good handful of leaves and ran back indoors to make dinner. This is what I made: Curly Kale, Butternut Squash and Potato Pot Pie.
The Cheesy Curly Kale, Butternut Squash and Potato Pot Pie was delightful to eat and very comforting. Sweetness from the butternut squash, a slight bitterness from the kale and neutrality from the plain potatoes.  I don't usually put cheese in my pot pies, they are very often vegan, but I wanted to ring the changes. This was super rich and very flavourful.
Part of me wished I had shared this recipe yesterday, when people worldwide were celebrating St Patrick's Day, I mean look at the colours in that pot just scream Irish flag.
Instead I am sharing this with Harvest Monday hosted by Dave at Happy Acres Blog, as this overwintered curly kale came from my garden allotment plot.  I also have some rainbow chard, so hopefully I will be able to join in again next week.
I am also sharing it with Eat Your Greens food challenge that I co-host with The Veg Hog.  Please do join in if you can, there still plenty of time. 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Shamrock Cookies

A short blog post to wish my readers, especially those of Irish ancestry and heritage a Happy St Patricks DayAnd to all the Irish people in my life, some of whom I am still very much in touch with and some I have lost touch with over time.  I hope wherever you are - your all well.
I made these Shamrock shaped cookies on Thursday evening to take into work on Friday for colleagues to enjoy.  Shamrock is St Patrick's symbol, he used it to explain the concept of Trinity. 
The Roll and Cut Sugar Cookies recipe for these comes from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, my only addition was smothering it in green sugar and using my shamrock cookie cutter.  The recipe from made a lot, three dozen in fact. I decided to drop some off at a friends house who has little ones.  She was very appreciative. They proved quite successful with my work colleagues too.