Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A2K Fellow plotholder huts

On Sunday, after D had completed temporarily patching up the leaky hut, he disappeared on for me for about an hour, whilst I got on with the weeding. When he got back to the plot, I asked him where he had been he smiled and says ‘doing a little project for your blog’. Then he proceeds to show me digital photographs he had just taken.

He had taken a photograph of nearly every hut on the plot. Now there must be about 55 plots on the site, but not every one has a building. I think he managed to get 32 photos.
I know they would have been more interesting in colour, but to reserve anonymity we decided to go for black and white. The majority of the huts, sheds and greenhouses are made from recycled material, and each plot holder has put his/her individual mark on it in relation to decor. See what you think. Click on the image if you want to take a closer look.


  1. I love the mashup of photos, especially in black and white! In fact I'd buy a print of it. It reminds me of the series of "constructs" done by Laura Kicey, examples here:


  2. Thank you B T.
    I just read out loud your comment to D and it has made him a very happy man. He also loves black and white images.

    Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

  3. The same thought struck me about the photo collage, I could see it making its way to posters and bags.Tell D. to copyright his pic immediately!!

  4. good for D. You've gotta love sheds and the more ramshackle the more charming I think when it comes to photographing. I like the one with the 'Have a nice day' sign outside and the ones that look like homes from home with their proper front doors.

  5. WOW, such a gorgeous project!! I'm in awe - the collection of photos in black and white is very powerful and moving... WOW again!

  6. Thanks Peggy,
    I let D know.

    Thanks Nic.
    Sheds can be charming.

    Thanks Astra Libris.
    I am so glad D did this project.

  7. Oh I love it. What a very creative couple you are!
    I like allotment sheds. I like the recycled materials and knocked-together aspect that makes them so individual. We are not allowed to have them on our site and instead share a very large, very old, brick building which has stood on site for years, long before it was an allotment site. It works out well, but there's nothing like having your own interesting little hidey-hole.

  8. Thank you Scarlett.
    I think it is because the allotment plot site is private that people get away with the 'unique style' of sheds, huts and greenhouses. If it was council owned it would be more uniform, I think. There are pluses and minuses.


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