Sunday, 15 November 2009

Late Autumn day

The rain stayed away, so we spend a couple of hours at the plot. One of our priority jobs was to work on the hut where the rainwater was getting in, so D focused on that whilst I did the exciting job of weeding and harvesting.
Here's our harvest of the day. There are also some Jerusalem artichokes in there somewhere. I decided not to pick any chard today. I thought it would be better to pick it when we needed it and we have plenty at home in the garden plot too.
As well as being dry, it was relatively warm too.
I pulled out some purple haze carrots, this is the first one I have come across that has not grown straight.
Although the little Brussels sprouts are starting to plump up, I don't think they will be as 'fat' as those you find at the supermarkets, but I don't mind.
I can't remember the name of these cabbages and think they should really be harvested, but decided to leave it as we have enough to be getting on with for this week.
This is what the fenugreek looks like, all battered. I hope it grows a bit more...otherwise no fenugreek meals for me.
These are really small finale fennel. They seem to have self-seeded from the previous lot. A bonus for the winter!
I chopped of part of the leeks leaves, as some were getting to heavy and getting damp and soggy. If you look closely, you can see that they are all varying in size. I haven't harvested any yet.
This is the PSB from which I managed to harvest some more stems to eat. Oh yeah, that's me in the back too - weeding. I also cleared part of the strawberry bed. It really is a mess.
This is the last of the colourful lupins. I actually cut them all back today, as they have a tendency to self-seed. Oh the next picture is not a particularly pleasant one, so if you are of a nervous disposition or get squeezy easy, I would say stop reading. If not, please go on...
Whilst weeding and lifting stones up, I came across a number of slug eggs....eewwwww....I know...I don't them either, but this is a brilliant photograph take by D. Look closer and you can see some of the eggs cracked open. Amazing or what?!
This is my home-made compost bin. This is the first time every it has been overflowing. It will rot down eventually.
Okay that was my afternoon. Now I am off to enjoy the rest of the weekend or what's left of it.


  1. I didn't leave the house! That's shameful isn't it?

  2. What a busy and productive weekend you had, I was also outside all day today and also got a lot done. My compost bin has been filled to bursting three times thus far this autumn, couldn’t even get it closed last week and this weekend its already done to half again.

  3. Oh those slug eggs are disgusting! Lucky you found them before they had a chance to eat your veggies.
    Those carrots look amazing. And im still amaized by the sprouts :)


  4. Jacqueline,
    No, I don;t think there is anything to be ashamed about. There is always plenty to do in the house.

    Hi Kella,
    I think I am going to have to stand in the compost bin, to push the waste down.

    Are you allowed to burn weeds at your plot? because that is something else I will have to do, if we get a good day like yesterday.

    I look forward to catching up with progress on you plot!

    Hi there Rose.
    Yeah your right they are preety eeky. I wish I had a bird table at the plot, cos I would have left them on there for the birds to eat. They would have loved them.

    These carrots were pretty good in size and no carrot fly which is a good sign. I am waiting for the sprouts to bulk up a bit, before I decide to harvest them.

  5. Great garden tour, mango. There is so much magic in gardens, even those pesky critter eggs. I love those Purple Haze carrots. Brussels sprouts always taste better after the frost. Have you had frost yet?

  6. Thanks Barbara.
    I don't think I will be growing purple haze or rainbow carrot again. I have had my fun growing them and tasting them. I will move onto another variety.

    I had to think whether we have had frost here and I actually don't remember. I don't think so, its just been raining here pretty. So I will wait.

  7. We just tried some organic purple haze carrots this fall and they were delicious. A bit funny looking for the kids though.

  8. what a bounty. I thought I'd have my knitting needles out by now with my feet up at home rather than still toiling away at the plot. There's always something to do in the garden isn't there and it's wonderful that you're still cooking home grown goodies

  9. Hi BC,
    I've enjoyed my purple carrots mostly, the only way I disliked them was as soup. I am glad your kids liked them.

    Hi Nic,
    Yeah, D keeps nudging me and reminding me that a bought some wool and knitting needles early in the year, but I haven't piked them up since March I think. I feel like I have too many distractions. Its good to still be cooking my own, but I have started buying from the grocery shop again - the swede being the first.


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