Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Urban Farmer

A few months ago, Celia Brooks Brown one of A2Ks earlier followers tweeted on Twitter asking for people to help test some recipes for her upcoming cookery book. Of course as someone who does not subscribe to twitter I missed out on hearing about this opportunity. I have most of Celia Brooks Brown, so you can imagine why I would have been tempted to test one of her new recipes. In the past I have been inspired by recipes in her cookbooks. I cooked an Ethiopian meal two years ago - all of the recipes including injera made from scratch came from her World Vegetarian Classics and not too long ago I made her spicy tofu biltong.

Then I read a bit more about fellow bloggers testing Celia Brooks Brown new recipes and though a little late, this is what prompted me to contact Celia and volunteer my services too. She responded warmly, ‘the more testers the merrier’.

I wanted to cook something with the vegetables, salad leaves and herbs growing on my own plot, so opted for Chard and sorrel kuku (pronounced kookoo). Kuku is a Persian egg dish similar to the Arabic eggah or the Italian frittata. It is filled with vegetables or herbs. It can be eaten warm or cold for packed lunches or picnics.

About a fortnight ago, after work I did make the 'Chard and sorrel kuku' dish, of course it was lovely, the sorrel had a sharp hit of citrus and the juiciness of the plump sultanas gave the right sweetness. So why is it not on my blog you may ask, well my dear readers. The photo I took in the evening, well… it honestly was too, too dark, it looked shiny and yellow, rather than lush green with specks of gold. I thought it would be unfair to show the dish in ‘bad light’ literally, so I decided not to show it at all, but if you are interested in the sound of this recipe, then Celia’s book New Urban Farmer will be out in March 2010. To my knowledge it is a monthly guide to making the most of an allotment, small garden or simply a few pots or window boxes, bringing home grown seasonal produce in to the kitchen aka allotment 2 kitchen. And if you can’t wait Celia also has a column in the times called New Urban Farmer. Celia is so generous she is always tweeting and giving away surplus vegetables from her plot to those living near her North London allotment plot. I had read someone got to take home a load of her asparagus early in the year. How envious was I?


If you’ve tried one of my recipes, Please let me know by leaving a comment below or tagging me social media with @SeasonalShaheen.

Thank You