Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Armistice Day - Commonwealth contribution

Britain could not have won either of the World Wars without the contribution made by non-white and non-British soldiers. Please remember the forgotten soldiers.

Save a prayer for those who died,
those who remember,
those that will never forget.
For further information follow this link from the Hope Not Hate campaign.


  1. It's a GREAT website and I'll be promoting it's existence at every opportunity. Thanks for the link. We HAVE to fight injustice or we are going to be in serious trouble and the more people who wake up to this fact the better.

  2. I like that analogy about winter squash, Mango — Apple of God. I adore winter squashes, and both of your recipes sound wonderful. I think I would try the first one, as I like things that have a surprise filling.
    And a very nice tribute to our Veterans today!

  3. Thanks Scarlett.
    Together We HAVE to fight injustice and Together WE are Strong.

    Thank you so much Barbara.
    I like the first one too.


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