Saturday, 7 November 2009

Weeding, digging and raking over

We took advantage of the dry skies and spent a couple of hours at the plot.
The photo below taken from the back shows the plot. Things don't look particularly pretty this time of year. I have pulled out all the sunflowers and marigolds that were adding colour originally, but now looked like battered rag dolls.

I will start from the right. At the front of the plot, we have white broccoli growing, then fenugreek (my chosen green manure), then chard, parsnips and beetroot. The plot next to this had chard too, but I dug them all out and added them to the previous bed. I may be making a mistake by moving them over this time of year, but I am not too worried as I have so much of the stuff growing at home too. Then we have PSB and Brussels sprouts, that we never got round to tying up as they too have been knocked left, right and centre by the wind and rain. Then its the last of the legume bed, which I had just starting weeding and digging over. The bed on the left with the netting is covering some cabbages, what is not covered are the calabrese plants. The stems are starting to dwindle now, so I think on our next visit I will be pulling them out.
The shabby huts at the back belong to some of my lovely neighbours and may amuse you - each one is made from recycled material: discarded doors and windows to be more precise. I really like them, each and everyone unique. Talking of huts, my hut is leaking quite badly in places, so that really has to be looked at, otherwise its the beginning of rotting.
Here are the first two beds I had cleared last month. You can see the amount of standing water.
This is the last of the legume bed that I had been clearing. Its all been done now and covered.
The sprouts are not looking as good as I wish. Although they are quite tall, the sprouts are really small. Maybe they will bulk up.
The leeks are doing pretty good.
Still a load of cabbages growing. Some of which have been got by the slugs and some that will burst if I don't harvest them soon..
Progress photo shot of the fenugreek.
Here is our harvest: Carrots (some with signs of carrot fly), a cabbage, mint herbs
Chard, broccoli and a handful of baby lettuces. Not bad for a few hours work. And thank fully the rain stayed off.


  1. what a lovely window into your world MC. Hope you get out there again today- the grounds getting heavy for digging with all the rain. Your fenugreek looks fab.

  2. Thanks Nic.
    Not today, yesterdays weeding and digging (heavy soil because of the rain) had taken its toll on me. So today was a day of cooking in the kitchen.

    I am waiting for the fenugreek to grow a little more, then I can eat some of eat.

  3. All looks very neat, tidy, well organised AND productive - sigh!

  4. What an amazing post! I'm so impressed with all the beautiful veggies you grow! I'm wondering what would you do to get rid of those slugs.
    p.s. I'm so happy for you that you finally have a dry day so you can spend time at your plot:)

  5. Thank you Choclette. I am glad at what we achieved over the weekend.

    Hi Oraphan,
    I occasionally use organic pesticide free slug pellets, throw salt, broken egg shells, but to be honest the best way to get the slugs is to pick them off. The other is to plant extra veg, so they get some and you get some. Whether us gardeners like it or not - slugs are around to stay and we just have to find ways of workign around them.

  6. What a wonderful peek into your plot, Mango. I love looking at other folks' gardens. Yours looks very creative. I have never grown fenugreek before; do you use it as a green in salads? I am familiar with the seeds but not the plant. Now I am curious to try it.

  7. Barbara,
    Fenugreek is definately an acquired taste. It has a strong 'curry flavour'. So I would recommend growing a little at first to try.

    I will be cooking with it, so watch out. You can eat it raw in salads too, but I have always eaten it cooked.


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