Sunday, 22 November 2009

Fading colours at the plot

It was a swift visit to the allotment plot today because of the weather (rain, rain, rain and strong winds) and to be honest I think this may be the beginning of my short visits, and when I mean short visits it will be only to harvest, not to toil the land.

A quick up-date of the plot before I go. The patch up job for the leaking hut seems to be holding up. I think it will be good until next year, when we really get a chance to mend it properly. Unfortunately the fenugreek I had planted for dual purpose: as green manure as well as for eating, well I will not be for harvesting any of it for a meal as the bed was waterlogged and the tender leaves bashed. The chard that I had moved from one plot bed to another, is looking really sorry for itself. I know for next year, not to do this. The sprouts are still very small, to be honest I don't think they will be bulking much either, but I hope. I didn't harvest anything today, as we still have some vegetables, including cabbages and carrots from last weekend and a load of potatoes in storage.

Here are some pictures taken last weekend of plants with some colour, but they are fading very quickly.
Cardoon flower head. Purple clematis, dandelion and two others whose names I cannot remember are still giving us some colour.


  1. The flowers are still so gorgeous!! Thank you for the splash of uplifting bright color amidst the cold rains we're having as well!

  2. Thank you Astra.
    So pleased to read the colours were uplifting. I especially like the purple.

  3. Love the late season flowers!
    I have a passionflower I brought in about a month ago and it's still blooming occasionally...makes me so happy.
    I've subscribed to your blog and look forward to your future posts!

  4. Thank you so much Winnie.

    I tried to grow passionflower here, but it didn't work out too cold. So I envy your flowers that are still adding some colour.


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