Friday, 27 November 2009

Novelty Gifts from Wales

My oldest nephew arrived last night to spend a long weekend with his favourite Aunty (it's true) and Uncle.
He came bearing some gifts. How sweet and kind of him. Amongst them: a chopping board, chocolate and a non-alcoholic Welsh Punch. Today we travelled into Edinburgh. I will share aspects of my trip tomorrow as my little toots (feet) are quite sore from all the walking and I want to rest.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. how sheep, I mean sweet ;o)

  2. What an adorable post! Your nephew is so sweet, bringing you a lot of fantastic gifts. The chopping board looks awesome, I love it! Hope your little toots are feeling better:)

  3. Hi Nic,
    Your so funny.
    The thought crossed my mind 'What was my nephew thinking? Talk about enforcing a stereotype'.mmmmmm But I like them, ALL.

    Thanks Oraphan.
    He is really sweet. I am blessed to have such a considerate young man, who happens to be my nephew in my life.
    The chopping board is my favourite too. I think I will display it on the kitchen wall.
    And Thank you my feet are much better this morning.

  4. These are great photos of your trip to Wales, Mango. Thanks for the tip on the veggie restaurants; now if I could only get there to try them!
    And what a sweet nephew you have. :)


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