Monday, 2 November 2009

The sunflowers and marigolds came and went

Look at this weekends harvest
We pulled out some carrots, some of which have signs of carrot fly, two cabbages, some PSB, sprouting broccoli, runner and climbing green beans, chard, about 100g of raspberries, herbs and some more lavender. I am leaving the rest for the birds.

It was a very short visit to the allotment yesterday due to the weather. For those of you living in the U.K will have heard that there were floods in some parts of Scotland.
The strong sideways wind have knocked all my dwarf sunflowers to the ground and the marigolds dead-headed not too long ago have all turned to mush due to the battering and downpour of rain.
Before leaving, I scanned over the plot, there is so much still to do. As a weekend allotment grower I can only hope we get a dry day next weekend.

We have ten beds, the two by the entrance are flower, herb and perennial beds. Two others have already been cleared, dug over and covered. Two have fenugreek and strawberries (which needs tidying). Meaning I have four beds to clear. These are the Legume bed 2 which I think may have given us our last runner and climbing beans. The other three are a bit of a mish mash, meaning half of each are cleared the other half still have vegetables growing it them. For example, leeks, parsnips, beetroot and chard. As much as I am loving my chard, I have planted them here, there and everywhere, so some of them will have to be dug out, dug over and covered for the winter. The sunflowers and marigolds will all have to be pulled out too. There time has come and gone.

The hut was also letting in water somewhere, so that will need to be seen to as well.

The good thing is we still have so much growing. There are leeks, parsnips, beetroot, various red and green cabbages, Brussels sprouts, curly kale, PSB, white broccoli and sprouting broccoli, Purple queen cauliflower (if they flourish), carrots in a plastic tub, Jerusalem artichokes, lettuces, fenugreek and various hardy herbs. So it's not all bad.


  1. I am so impressed with the wondrous bounty you still have growing, even in November! How amazing! I'm also very impressed with all of your gardening efforts - you are quite brave to keep persevering despite the weather! I hope the weather cooperates for you soon!

  2. How lovely, Mango. I tend to think the autumn harvest is a bit sweeter because it signals the end of the season. Your photos are great; don't you just love that rainbow chard?

  3. All your veggies and flowers look so beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about the bad weather, hope you'll get a dry day soon.
    p.s. I can't believe you grow so many kinds of veggies and flowers.

  4. Such a shame about the sunflowers being blown over. Weve had really strange weather this week, yesterday Sunday was 36 degrees and HOT, today cold, windy, rainy!


  5. Thank you so much Astra Libris.
    The hard work does pay off, rewarding us with delicious home-grown organic vegetables. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Thank you Barbara.
    I have to come round your way of thinking, sounds lovely and postive.

    The colours of Rainbow and Bright Light chard this year have been especially amazing. so I have been honoured to capture them in various photographs and showcase them to fellow bloggers.

    Thank you Oraphan.
    I do like experimenting growing different vegetables in different colours too. I love it.

    I'm sorry about the poor weather too, i am afraid this is pretty much it, but hopefully may just get a dry day over the w/e - who knows.

    Hi there Rose,
    Yeah, it is a shame about the sunflowers, but I guess Mother Nature rules. At least i Know what the weather here is like and it is pretty consistent with rain. Your weather sure does sound strange: hot then cold.

  6. Hi Mangocheeks,
    Please stop by my blog when you have a chance to receive blog awards:)

  7. Thank you so much Oraphan.

    I really do appreciate nomination.

    It is always reward enough for me that someone is kind enought to become a follower!

    So Thank you again.

  8. Oh! I'm so glad I came back to read this lovely message from you. Thanks, Mangocheeks! It's totally such a pleasure:)

  9. It amazes me that you are able to grow so much of your own food. You do a great job!


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