Thursday, 12 October 2017

Tomato Salsa on Toasted Bread

Whether its the start of the tomato season or the end of it, the best way to enjoy homegrown tomatoes is fresh of course, but its not always easy.

This recipe started off as Pan Con Tomate - Catalan Tomato Bread  or is it  Catalan Pa Amb Tomaquet - bread with tomatoes, but it quickly evolved into a Tomato Salsa on Toasted Bread.  
It was good and enjoyed just before the griddled bread could go soft and soggy.  As I have mentioned before I don't do soggy bread.
Many oif the Pan Con Tomate recipes I found did not use a herb, and those that did used either basil or parsley, so i was not sure if this was authentic.  My version has coriander because I always have some to hand.  I have also eaten something similar in Cyprus, but it was doused with good extra virgin olive oil. 

I f you don't have one of those char grill pans, just toast your bread in a toaster or under a grill.

Tomato and Coriander Salsa on Toasted Bread
3 tomatoes, grated or roughly chopped with either a knife or mezzaluna
1 garlic, crushed
2 tablespoons extra virgin oil
1 tablespoon sherry vinegar
small handful of fresh coriander, minced
Sat and pepper to taste
Sourdough bread or olive bread
Put all the ingredients into a bowl and stir to combine.
Season to taste with salt and pepper.
Set aside for 30 minutes or so for the flavours to snog each other.
Slice the sourdough or olive bread into thick slices, then place on chargrill pan until the charred lines appear, flip over and repeat on other side.
The quickly spread and press generous amounts of the tomato Salsa over the bread.
Serve immediately
Inspired by Smioth and Daughters Pan Con Tomate - Catalan Tomato Bread 


  1. mmhh that looks so good! As I haven't had breakfast yet, I shouldn't be looking at food photos, I'm starving now!

  2. Thanks VegHog, breakfast was late in our home today, just eaten Yogurt with some granola topping - have friends coming over with pizza, so waiting for their arrival and a proper munch. Have a good weekend.

  3. I admired this in your IMK post so am pleased to see the recipe. It is all the better for having homegrown tomatoes!

    1. Thanks Kari, as I veered away from the original Catalan Tomato Bread recipe, i felt i just had to call it tomato salsa on bread - but it was simple and really, really GOOD to eat, esp. as you highlighted with homegrown tomatoes. I have made a Tomato Curry recently which I will share by the end of the month,it is made with paneer cheese, but can easily be subbed with tofu - i think you will like it.

  4. Your garden is so bountiful, I'm always so impressed at what it produces. I love pan con tomate - how simple it is, yet so glorious.

  5. It has fed us this year indeed, and every year it gets a little bit better, though I am also feeding the slugs, birds and the white cabbage butterfly, so good that I am happy to share. Yes this was a tasty and very easy recipe to make and eat.


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