Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Zucchini Black Bean Croquettes

These Zucchini Black Bean Croquettes still waiting to be encrusted in Panko - Japanese breadcrumbs were made with black beans left over for popped black beans last week.  

I did not use canned beans but cooked them from scratch, sometimes I just like put myself through that time consuming ritual of soaking beans overnight, simmering them until soft tenderness and then cooking or baking with them.
We had these Zucchini Black Bean Croquettes twice last week.  Once as part of a vegetarian breakfast minus the baked beans as there are beans in the croquettes;  and one of the days we had it as part of a 'light buffet style meal' raiding left overs from the fridge and a green salad, as the weather was quite warm and I did not wish to be stuck in the kitchen.  By the way, this is what the finished panko crumbed croquettes looked like.  I know they don't look particularly attractive naked.

The Zucchini Black Bean Croquettes make for an interesting addition on the dinner plate.  I am not sure I'd make them on their own again though. 

Zucchini Black Bean Croquettes
200g cooked black beans, drained and rinsed
1 courgette, grated
100g chickpea flour plus extra is required
1 tablespoon BBQ seasoning or to taste

Panko Japanese breadcrumbs or fresh breadcrumbs
In a wide bowl, first mash the beans, then tip in the courgette and BBQ seasoning and then either with your hands or a spatula, mix well into the mushy beans.  
Then stir in the chickpea flour to combine, if you find your mix too wet stir in a little more chickpea flour.  You need to get a firm consistency
Then divide the mixture into 6 or 8 and take a portion into your hands and roll into a cylinder shape and continue this until all are done. 
Optional: whisked egg or flaxseed 'egg'
Dip into the whisked egg or flaxseed egg. I did not find it necessary to do this as the panko stuck to the croquettes, but you may feel you want to use either option.
Dip the croquettes into the wet mixture, then into the panko until well covered.
Place in fridge to firm up until ready to eat. 
You can deep fry thee, but this time round I shallow fried them in a little oil.
Serve immediately.


  1. I love a good croquette - something about putting anything in breadcrumbs makes it that little bit better, especially if there's panko involved. Do you reckon they'd be OK to bake too?

    1. I don't know why we don't make them that often as they can be quite tasty, perhaps in our mind they are designed for children not grown ups, whatever I am eating them and making them anyway.

      Good question re baking, i don't have a deep fat fryer hence shallow fry them in a little oil. You can try to bake them, but i just don't think the panko or breadcrumbs will have the same crispyness,unless of course you try and spray them with oil - may work. I made some cauliflower steaks coated in panko recently and then sprayed with oil and baked them, though not super crispy, they worked to an extent.

  2. So simple! I Love that!
    Those will be soon on my table!

    1. Thanks. Yes they are really super simple.

  3. Love a good croquette. These sound delicious and very very healthy too! x


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