Monday, 7 August 2017

Zucchini, Apricot and Pumpkin Seed Flapjacks

Ah I am feeling a little mentally tired today to blog, so share a very simple Zucchini, Apricot and Pumpkin Seed Flapjacks I made over the weekend for the working week.

Zucchini, Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds Flapjacks
Makes 8
125g butter or vegan alternative
100g golden caster sugar
2 tablespoons golden syrup
260g rolled oats (gluten free)

1 medium courgette, only green outer part grated *keep the rest for a soup or compost!
80g dried pieces of apricots and mango, chopped 

50g pumpkin seeds
In a pot, melt the butter, sugar and golden syrup.
Then stir in the rolled oats, grated courgette, apricots and pumpkin seeds until well combined.
Tip into a baking tin lined with non-stick parchment or silicon paper.
Smooth the oat mixture into the tin, pressing down with the back of a wooden spoon.
Bake in the oven 180oc/Gas Mark 4 for 12 - 15 minutes.  
Score whilst still warm.
Allow to cool, before removing from the tin and slicing. 


  1. never though to include zucchini in flapjacks but am interested - that green is quite striking in the photo - is it before it is cooked?

    1. Thanks Johanna, you don't really taste it. Yes that pic was taken before it was baked.

  2. I think there should be some sort of prize for creative use of courgette, and you should win it! You've given me more ways to use the humble zucchini than I would have thought of otherwise. I'm a bit of a flapjack dodger, but I'm keen to use more veggies in cake!

  3. Thank you so much Joey. How can you be a flapjack dodger? it is often my breakfast on the go. Have yo seen my vegan courgette cake?

  4. What a great flapjack recipe. So full of goodness and nicely straightforward to make.

    1. Thank you Kari. I use this flapjack base a lot and then mix it up with dried fruit and seeds, or sometimes nuts - it rarely fails me.


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