Monday, 19 August 2019

Tumbling Plums and Unruly Beans

So another week and another harvest.

This week I am sharing plums from the garden. 
Those of you who came by last week will remember me mentioning that part of our plum tree was damaged in the high winds, taking a load of branches laden with unripe plums with it. I had left the branch on the side hoping the plums still clinging on it would ripen, well they did.  These are those plums and they have already been used in baking into Cinnamon Plum Cake, its one I make every year and more than once.  
I also wanted to show the difference between our plums and the neighbours plums.  The large glossy ones belong to my neighbour. Its the first year my neighbours plum tree has produced.
As well as our own plums, we are being gifted by plums from the neighbours tree too, as half the tree is leaning on our side of the garden.
I thought I'd share the flowered artichokes with you too.  See how pretty they are, blooming sharp and prickly too!
Half way through last week, we also harvested globe courgettes, a variety of beans in all sizes and of course plums.  
With the green beans I made Sarah Beatties Peixinhos da horta which translates as 'little fish from the kitchen garden' 

I also adapted Sarah Beatties Green Bean Korma recipe to include my homegrown round courgettes and runner beans.  
Finally from my husbands greenhouse, a colourful selection of  tomatoes.  Here's a link to some tomato recipe inspiration.  

I am sharing my homegrown fruit and vegetables with Dave at Happy Acres who hosts Harvest Monday every week and I'd like to add he does a grand job at it too. 


  1. What a gorgeous harvest! Your artichoke flowers are spectacular!
    Love what you did with the geen beans!

    1. Thank you so much. I will share link to the green beans recipe soon. I am hoping to make it again too, as it was really good.

  2. What a beautiful bounty of plums! The Peixinhos da horta looks and sounds yummy. I love this time of year, and like you I enjoy using veggies every way I can!

    1. Thank you Dave. I just don't seem to have the time to make the most of the plums this year, so i am afraid they are going to mostly fall and rot :(

  3. What a tasty post - the beans recipe looks great, I shall visit there in a mo and your cinnamon plum cake sounds good.
    Glad the plums did what you wanted them to after the weather tried to spoil them!

    1. Thank you Belinda. Im in the process of making another plum cake, when I should be drinking a glass of red wine :) Happy Friday


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