Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Meera Sodha's Lebanese Tomato and Bean and Stew

Well homegrown tasty tomatoes keep on coming and some of you may have seem my link to some of my homemade tomato recipes, but I have also been seeking inspiration elsewhere and it came recently whilst browsing The Guardian's New Vegan food and drink section.  
The recipe for Lebanese Green Beans and Vermicelli Rice comes from Meera Sodha. It not only gave me the opportunity to use my homegrown tomatoes which are plentiful, but also green beans and runner beans that are coming by the bucket load.  
I did tweak the recipe just a little as I did not have vermicelli to hand, so used small star shaped pasta that I use in soups in place of the vermicelli for the rice.  I also kept some tomatoes back and added them in towards the end mostly for aesthetic reasons, and would you not agree it look darn delicious?! and it really was - really, really flavourful.  I served it with a generous dollop of labneh doused in za'atar.

I f I have tempted you, then please check out the full recipe by Meera Sodha's Lebanese Green Beans and Vermicelli Rice from her new cookbook East  which may go on my Birthday or Christmas wish list (not that I need more cookbooks), otherwise I'd be more than happy to borrow it from the library.


  1. That looks really good!
    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. sounds delicious - I need to investigate the vermicelli rice as I have some hanging about too long! Love your presentation - I would be happy to have a meal served looking that good!

    1. It was very Johanna, as for presentation - yeah it does look pleasing to the eye. Thank you

  3. Another great recipe by Meera and nicely executed by you. I love Lebanese food and this looks just gorgeous. We were also able to get nice Danish beans last week and I'll need to buy them again.

  4. Thank you VegHog, I did read some of the comments in the Guardian section, that said the recipe wasn't authentic, but it made a nice change and a great way to use home made produce.


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