Saturday, 15 July 2017

Swansea VegFest at Brangwyn Hall

This morning we took a drive to Swansea for the Swansea VegFest 2017.

The last Swansea VegFest I attended was in 2015 at the Swansea Environment Centre
Swansea Vegfest for the past two years has been held at Brangwyn Hall. 
We had arrived in Swansea way to early as it was still an hour to doors opening at 10.30am to the VegFest event, so we walked into the city centre and Swansea Market.  It was not a great day to be exploring a city still new to me, as the weather had turned dramatically with heavy rain that we got proper wet, even with out waterproofs.
We returned at around mi-day when the Swansea VegFest was in full swing and super busy, making it a little difficult to check out some of the stall, but as we were in no rush to head back home, I walked round and round until I got to see most of the stalls, especially those that were new to me. 

Good Carma Foods is run by a lovely woman called Charlotte who I have met many times. Charlotte is well known for have flavour shakers (similar to grated Parmesan cheese - but vegan) known as Fusion Flavour.  Its very popular with my nephews and I love dousing the Chilli one, my favourite over pasta.  
Good Carma have recently launched a plant based Spread Sensation.  I had a little taste and honestly really liked it, I hope to treat myself to a tub the next time I see her which I am sure will be soon.
Not all of the stalls were run be vegan vendors, but I don't have an issue with that after all I am a vegetarian and some vegans still snub me.  I am just respecting anyone who is now considering and catering for the diets of both vegetarians and vegans, like Cowleys Fine Food

I tasted a few of the vegetable Jerkys and must confess, I liked most of them, but only came home with Texan BBQ Sweet Potato one - again regretting and wishing I had picked up some of the others.  
 D often leaves me at the doors of Vegfest and picks me up an hour or so later or when I ring him, but I think the heavy rain kept him indoors at Brangwyn Hall.  He got himself a fair trade coffee and sat and watched the VegFest goings on from afar (see last photograph taken by him, as well as the last photographs from within Brangwyn Hall).  

Anyway, these bottle of ciders from Afal Y Graig Cider & Perry were purchased by him. He will be opening the Chilli Cider this evening and the Oak-Y-Dokey.  
I loved tasting Sauer Power  sauerkraut and lacto fermented food.  I just regret not picking up more than one jar, but I know there will be a next time
We did have a snack at the VegFest.  I bought some Punjabi 3D vegetable samosas from AceFoods Indian Food Services.  I am always apprehensive about eating South Asian Indian food because I am of South Asian heritage and know how to cook South Asian food and know what authentic South Asian food should taste like.  Often those being sold have been watered down in flavour for the western palette, but I am also fully appreciative that this is changing as many foodies are becoming aware that Indian cuisine also has regional differences; and not everything is hot and spicy.  Also most vegetarian and vegan South Asian food is so cheap to make at home, that why would I want to pay over the odds for inexpensive, sounds crazy to me. Well I have to say, no qualms with AceFoods.  I loved the hearty stuffed samosas and am chuffed that I am not the only South Asian person that approves, check out these fantastic reviews from South Asian students studying in Cardiff - for some of them this is authentic Indian food from home.  I look forward to trying some of their other offerings when I see them next time. 
Some lovely offerings from Little Valley Bakery
So much good flavoured bread for fair prices. 
 A firm favourite of mine Anna Loka.  I have still to write about my vegan breakfast there last year.  I was impressed. 

There were a handful of other hot food stalls, but it was really busy that I was unable to get close - the VDogs  - vegan hot dogs vendor seemed very popular though.
Like I mentioned earlier, not all the food stalls present were vegan.  This stall belongs to Bluebell Coffee and Kitchen.  Here are some vegan fish cakes, jackfruit salad and spanakopita.   On their menu they are offering a vegan Go Green breakfast, the next time we visit Swansea we will pay them a visit. 
The vegan cake makers present were very popular as many of the stalls selling cakes seemed to have sold old, even the Little Vegan Cookie Company stall baskets were empty.  Good for all of them.   
I have had Chandler Teas in the past, but always love the names they give the herbal teas.  Here we have Welsh Warbler, Welsh Sunrise, Welsh Moonlight and Welsh Meadow, there were many more with Dragons!
Hemp and Pea Proteins
 I absolutely adore this T-shirt which was being sold by Lincoln's Dog Cookies Lunchbox, I don't have a four legged beastie yet - but hope to one-day.  
 The Environment Cente stand 
Hugletts Wood Farm
There were many stalls at the Swansea Vegfest, but it was not practical to capture them all. Also some have been featured on my blog before, mostly from Cardiff Vegfest. Some of faves were missing though Fancy That Bakery, Cafe Atma, Mex It Up and Malaba Aanaa and Blanche Vegan Bakery

Before leaving, I also picked up a jar of Yakso tempeh from Brontosaurus Vegan Lifestyle Store who are based in Swansea market, one of my favourite stops in Swansea as its the other place (other than Cardiff Market) where I am able to pick up fresh Welsh Laverbread.    
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  1. Lots of interest there. One day, I hope to try jackfruit. Alas, I sometimes still eat meat though it is getting harder to digest, and I do get the shirt's message.

  2. I was interested to hear what you said about the South Indian food being "watered-down" to appeal more to Western tastes. With the current craze for growing chillis, I would imagine that many British people now appreciate a bit of spicy heat much more than they used to.

  3. Some good looking stalls there! I love the name of the Sauerkraut, Sauer Power. Inspired. Off to scrunch a red cabbage now...

  4. I love reading about vegan festivals because I rarely go to them. I know it sounds a bit mad being a vegan and all, but the one that I have been to, while I've reallly enjoyed the stalls, they've been so busy it's hard to get around without getting trampled! The Swansea one looks great - and I'm really glad to hear about people getting sold out!


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