Saturday, 1 July 2017

My Legume Love Affair June Round Up

Here is the Round Up of My Legume Love Affair #108 for June 2017. 
 Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. 

The first entry comes from Ray who blogs over at The Humble Lentil.  Ray shares with us a karahi of Methi Dal Dal which is made with a mix of lentils, such as channa dal, toor dal and mung dal.  Now I bet you want to dip your naan bread right it? I know I do.  
Next we have Helen from roast Chicken and a Country Walk.  Helen shares with us Black Bean and Sweetcorn Tortillas.  The colours in this tortilla dish are marvellous punctuated by the black beans. 
Sadhna from herbs, Spice and Traditions shared with us some glorious Beetroot Balls in Creamy Sauce.  Just in case you are wondering where the legume, lentil and pulses  She has made the beetroot balls with chickpeas flour. 
My contribution as host for MLLA was this Chickpea Three ways: chickpea pancakes, chickpea ratatouille curry and chickpea hummus.

I know it was a short MLLA blog post, but still I would like to thank Ray, Helen and Sadhna for coming by and sharing their legume based recipes; and thanks Lisa for wishing for asking me to host MLLA again.


  1. All looks delicious - I still really want to make your chickpea meal - and all the rest of the recipes here. (And then some decent light for photographing meals at this time of year)

  2. These all look great! I'm so gutted that I didn't manage to take part. Unfortunately I haven't been cooking with pulses a lot lately. I'll need to start again.

  3. Thanks Shaheen for the nice round-up, all contributions are lovely.


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