Monday, 24 July 2017

Birmingham Digbeth and Custard Factory Graffiti Art: Part 2

On a recent trip to the city of Birmingham for a short break, not only did we go sight seeing - we also went looking for graffiti art.  

This is part 2 of a selection of what we saw in the city of Birmingham, mostly in Digbeth and in and around the Custard Factory.    To view part one, go to the end of the blog post. 

This chap looks awfully familiar?! 

I don't often go to cinema these days, but I did go and see 'Get Out' a few months back. Get Out is perhaps my favourite movie of the year.  If you have not watched it, I recommend it. 
On my list to watch is also Moonlight. 
A tribute to John F Kennedy President of the United States
The photographs below were on the way to China Town near the city centre.
This is the same photograph as the one above, just a bit more close up - so you can see the detail. 
For Part 1 of Birmingham Graffiti Art - see here.

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