Monday, 17 July 2017

Meet Selwyn and Carys - The Scarecrows on the Allotment Plot

Since my last Harvest Monday blog post, the red from the roses and the strawberries has faded replaced with shades of orange from nasturtiums and greens, mostly from courgette.
But before I share with you my hefty green harvest, let me introduce you to Selwyn and Carys - (traditional Welsh names), my new scarecrows gifted to me by The  Waltons
Selwyns hovering above the courgettes and marrow plants. 
And Carys watched over the higgledly piggeldy brassicas, 
I was pleased to see some patty pans growing, I have never grown them before so am pretty excited.  I had run out of room on the plot and gave some of the extra plants to my neighbours who is growing hers in pots.  
I  harvested a whole trug of misshapen courgettes, some in the shape of gourds, some truncheon and some round. 
 Tucked under the courgettes and marrows are some peas. 

Oh and if you look closely, there is my first purple climbing bean.
A few weeks ago, my marigolds were in a sorry state that I thought they were dead, but this week they seem to have burst back into life with vigour and I am pleased, and so are the bees.
I  am sharing this with  Harvest Monday hosted by Dave over Our Happy Acres.  


  1. Gorgeous scarecrows and so much beautiful produce - I really love your photo of the pea pods - and your marigolds look like they will make you smile every time you pass them.

    1. Thanks Johanna, I am pleased with them. The courgettes and marrows are coming strong.

  2. I love those scarecrows! What a gift. Your plants all look so healthy too.

  3. Such cute scarecrows, what a great gift!


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