Monday, 6 February 2017

Cardiff Viva Vegan Festival

Over the weekend, we went into the city of Cardiff for the Vival Vegan Festival.  
This was Cardiff's largest vegan festival organised by the charity Viva!  Viva! is an animal and environmental campaigning charity that exposes animal abuse.  
Cardiff Viva Vegan Festival was held at Cardiff City Hall. 

Many of the vegan food stalls that you see at the Riverside Farmers Market in Cardiff  were there, including those that specialise in Indian food, pies and vegan cheesecakes,  but many were also missing like Vegetarian Food StudioCafe Atma and newest vegan venture in the 'Diff Cheese and Chocolate.

Still it was nice to see some fresh new vegan stalls like Sacred Lotus who specialized in gluten free food.
and some new favourites of mine, like Lettice
I met the lovely Poppy Lettice-Boss the founder of Letttices at Bristol VegFest (see here). 
 If you look at this picture to your left You will see the co-founder of Fair Foods Catering another one of my favourite vegan food stalls.
 Here are some of Fair Foods Catering  fresh offerings.  I ended up picking up something from both vegan food stalls. 
Lettices Camembear Spread and below two packets of Sticky Ribs
We ripped open the packet on Sunday.  It was quite good and reminded me that I was on the par of making good seitan meat myself. 
And from Fair Foods Catering I picked up their Leek, Pea and Coriander Quiche and a couple of Sushi roll.  We ate these when we got back home in the valleys from the Cardiff Viva Vegan Festival.  Both were really delicious, everything that I have had from Fair Foods so far gets the thumbs up.   

Mex It Up were there cooking up some BBQ shredded Jackfruit, Kaleslaw and Jalapenos. Find them on twitter. Look close at the above photograph and you can see the Jackfruit cans in the back on the table.
I was a bit disappointed with Hardcore Vegan Catering Unless & Artisan 'Meats'  and told them so... I was disappointed that they came all the way to the city of Cardiff without their Awesome Schicken Schnitzel or Maple 'Bacon' Donuts!  I for one wanted to stuff my face with both (ah maybe next time! There will be a next time!). 
Still I was glad they came to the Cardiff Viva Vegan Festival as I got to try their awesome Baked New York Cheesecake and it was really was awesome.  I would go as far as saying it's the best vegan cheesecake I have had in the world!  Honestly.
I was so pleased to see Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen there.  Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen are one of those vegetarian and vegan eateries that serve avante garde: innovative, inventive and experimental cuisine; and sometimes we all need a treat.  
My wish is to eat there the next time my husband and myself find ourselves in Bath.  But right now I had promised myself to gift myself with Acorn Vegetarian cookbooks and I came away with both.  I also got to sample one of the most freshest of truffles ever, its melted in the mouth effortlessly.
Here are some other fantastic vegan stalls: Moist who specialise in all things hummus and dips for the people. 
Good Karma Flavour Fusion in three flavours.  The chilli one bites back!
Let me introduce you to some new vegan cake makers in Cardiff - Blanche Vegan Bakery
Some vegan cupcakes - don't mind if I do. 
The Welshman's Lunch
The cupcakes were good.  We enjoyed an Avocado Chocolate cupcake between us.  I was also tempted by those scones on the table...
But chocolate from Cocaofeliz won. 
Walking around we were very tempted by the VDogs, but remembered that there were a number of other vegan food stalls outside selling hot food, so we wandered back out.
And I was so glad we did, as I remembered that I wanted to try something from The Spotless Leopard, recommended by the fabulous girls at Kind Cakes, Mean Bakes, Bristol.
It was hard to decided on what I wanted, then I went for it and opted for the Blackened Tempeh Reuben Wrap
I got to be honest when it was handed over to me all wrapped in foil. I was a little taken aback, but then I unwrapped the foil and took a big bite into the wrap and my oh, my - it was packed full of layers of flavour: sauerkraut, tahini sauce, salad and of course the tempeh.  

As I was making positive noises, my nephews and niece gave me that look - we want to taste it - I knew I could not keep it all to myself and shared it with them even though they had their own grub - everyone wanted to try what the other had; and everyone thought the other had the best vegan grub.
My nephew and niece bought two different pizza slices for £5 from The Vegan Pizza which they loved.  
And the other nephew has a Vegetarian Balti Burger. 
Flavours of Africa: Authentic Nigerian Cuisine.  I may try this next time. 
 And La Bonne Crepe
After filling our bellies with good warm vegan grub, we went back into Cardiff City Hall and explore the second floor.   My nephew who is neither vegan, nor vegetarian was quite moved after watching Viva Undercover.
On the second floor of the Cardiff City Hall Viva Vegan Festival also hosted an vegan Art exhibition: Vegan Is A State Of Kind: Kind to you, animals and the Planet. 
Here are some photographs that I took, quite powerful messages.   

Vegan 'egg' substitue
Animal Justice were there - they were the only organisation at the Cardiff Viva Vegan Festival campaigning on animal experiments.

I picked up a cooking zine from this stall.  the last time I picked up a copy of Innocent Badger CookbookThe Tried to Bury Us...But They Didn't Know We were Seeds.  
I was eyeing this Sea Shepherd apron, but by the time I made a decision to get it...
But by the time I had made up my mind to get was gone!.
Animal Allies
We ended our day with a sweet treat which we shared amongst ourselves:  frozen yogurt and again another mention for the best vegan New York Baked cheesecake I have ever had.
There were so many other vegan food stalls and charities that I have not got round to showcasing, but I visited them all and would like to thank those that travelled a distant for coming to Wales and the city of Cardiff.  I would also like to say Thank you to Viva for hosting a fantastic Viva Vegan Festival in Cardiff and I look forward to attending and supporting many more in the future.  Once again, Viva! is an animal and environmental campaigning Charity that exposes animal abuse.  Viva events have helped thousands of people to change to a kinder and healthier diet.  

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  1. Another lovely adventure!

  2. It looks like you had a fantastic time - thanks for all the info and pictures!

  3. Oh wow, that looks exciting, so many nice foods!

    The last time I went to a vegan festival/fair it was so crowded I didn't even get to look at any stalls, there was no room at all - which is great that it was so popular, but not great for me who doesn't like rubbing up against strangers!

  4. I'm glad you managed to make it - it looks like there were a huge array of stalls and a huge number of delicious products to try!

  5. Wow...that's an amazing Vegan Festival...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. Holy moly girl! What great outing. So many great vendors, so much good looking vegan food.
    Those vegan cupcakes...
    And the camembear spread! Looks so good =)

  7. Wow, that looks fantastic. I'll have to watch out for it next year and try to get there myself. How did you not eat everything? ... I know I would have struggled not to sample every single thing available :-)


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