Saturday, 20 July 2019

Red Gooseberry /and Raspberry Tart

I made this Red Gooseberry and Raspberry Tart a fortnight ago  with my homegrown my red gooseberries,  and let me tell you not only was it pretty, it was really delicious.  
Here is a lovely warm slice for you to feast your eyes upon.
The Gooseberry Tart recipe comes from Sarah RavenSarah Raven uses green gooseberries,  my substitution was more necessity than design as I only had 200g red gooseberries and just over 200g raspberries from the garden plot, so I combined them both.  But if you have 400g of either gooseberries or raspberries, it does not have to be a combination of both. 

Look closely at the photograph above, you will see half of it is raspberries and the other half red gooseberries.  If you want sweet, go for the raspberries, if you want sharp go for the red gooseberries.

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  1. I love the idea of a tart where you can serve people and ask sweet or sharp. This is so pretty. I am not very familiar with gooseberries and this sounds like a really nice way to taste them.


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