Sunday, 2 April 2017

Beetroot Chocolate Brownies for Family and Friends

Chocolate Beetroot Brownies were all the rage and quite popular four - five years ago.  In fact hidden vegetables in cakes, vegetables in desserts, vegetables in pudding  and vegetables in sweets because quite trendy.  Chefs, experimental home cooks and food bloggers started throwing in different vegetables and then it was made out to be 'oh my goodness this is so original and a new concept and discovery', when in fact the idea of putting vegetables in cakes, desserts and puddings had been around many, many years. 

People have been eating carrot cake, parsnip cake and sweet potato pies for years , but hey we food bloggers  and I do not exclude myself from this like to some times think we created something unique when we throw in a cauliflower, a bit of spinach or even beetroot, when its actually quite an old idea.  One thing you can guarantee someone, somewhere has already done it, not everything appears on websites.  Many of these delicious hidden sweet vegetable recipes can be found in old cookbooks, published in other parts of the world and in different languages too, not everything is in English. 
I made these Chocolate Beetroot Brownies a couple of months back when  a good work colleague reminded me that I had promised her Beetroot cake'.  Shortly after, I made some Chocolate Beetroot Brownies for her.  she was delighted.    She was given a very generous slice.  
In fact this recipe makes a lot, that I also ended up sharing some with family and other friends.  I am sharing some of these Chocolate Beetroot Brownies with We Should Cocoa Challenge; and and Treat Petite hosted by The Baking Explorer and CakeyBoi.

Beetroot Chocolate Brownies
Makes 10 - 15 squares
250g unsalted butter, cut into cubes
200g plain chocolate (about 70% cocoa solids), roughly chopped
250g golden caster sugar
3 eggs
150g self-raising flour (we use wholemeal self-raising)
Pinch of salt
250g raw beetroot, peeled and grated
Preheat the oven to gas mark 3/170oc. 

Lightly grease a baking tin that's roughly xx. Line the bottom with  baking paper too.
Put the cubed butter and chocolate into a bain marie or heatproof bowl and melt the chocolate and butter in the bowl held over a pan of simmering water.
In another bowl, whisk the golden sugar with the eggs. 

Stir in the melted chocolate mixture and stir to combine. 
Sift in the flour and salt, stir gently, folding in  the beetroot. 
Pour carefully into the prepared tin.
Bake for 20-25 minutes.  

Be very careful not to overcook the brownies. 
Remove from the oven, then stand the tray on a wire rack until cool enough to cut into squares.  
Adapted from here.


  1. I think I remember the flurry of "innovative" vegies in baking recipes. I think it was spearheaded by some celebrities which is why it got more attention for a short while. Beetroot in brownie is delicious. I would love to work with you and have you bring in such delicacies for me.

    1. Yes indeed a flurry of innovative veggies in baking recipes :)

      These were delicious, I am not going to disagree with that.

  2. I know what you mean about bloggers claiming credit for things that have been around for years. I still find it amusing to see people raving about frozen banana softserve as a 'new thing' when my mother made it for us as children. Sometimes it is nice to be reminded of the old fashioned ways and beetroot brownies are a classic that deserves continual re-introduction - yours look delicious.

    1. Thanks Kari. I am so pleased to learn that you agree. Yes, frozen bananas - I now exactly what you mean

  3. "One thing you can guarantee someone, somewhere has already done it, not everything appears on websites." So very true. As original as we try to be, it's pretty well impossible.
    These brownies sound lovely. Does your co-worker know how lucky she is having you make delicious treats for her like this? =)

    1. Thanks Kimmy.

      I don't know, but I have to say I am also lucky to have her too.

  4. I still haven't managed to get round to making beetroot brownies yet..... every time I get hold of some beetroots to make it, hubby steals them for lunch! This year...... x

    1. Kate, they are delicious. I think i prefer them to the plainer ones. Hope you get round to making them one day.

  5. I've never tried beetroot in baking, so your brownies look like the perfect way to start! They look so moist and chocolatey. Thanks for linking up to #TreatPetite

    1. Thanks Kat, I do hope you get to try them - they really are delicious

  6. Very little is new when it comes to cooking, but things run in cycles. I think many still find the idea of veg in a cake rather odd. Love your beetroot buddha and beetroot brownies are always welcome. Thanks for sharing with We Should Cocoa.

    1. So true, but we live in a world were people think everything exists on social media and do not look beyond. Yes, I think things run in cycles a bit like history. LOok forward to the round up.


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