Thursday, 20 December 2018

Festive Shenanigans at Work

Work has been busy with deadlines to complete, that I find myself too tired to come home and then sit in front of the computer to blog, but I have found some energy today. 
Giant Santa Claus in Bristol
I don't have much to share in the way of cooking at home at the moment, so today I thought I would share some festive shenanigans from work.  
Here is a Christmas tree made from scratch with green paper and then decorated with mini baubles. 
Even I made an effort making a gold 3D angel topper for my Christmas tree at home. 
At work, colleagues decided to spruce up the workplace and do a cheap and cheerful challenge called Pimp your Pod.  Surprisingly, me and my colleagues came first with our simple cascading tinsel Christmas tree.  

But fair play to the runners up with their Stranger Things Wall theme, though not everyone got it - thinking it was a ouiji board!  By the way it was more effective and impressive with the lights turned off.

My Secret Santa at work gave me a dragon cookie cutter which was genuinely welcome, as I had gifted mine to a friend.  But I wondered why they had thought of this, then it occurred to me that I had made my Welsh Pie to celebrate the end of Great British Bake Off a few months back when we all bought in homemade bakes and cakes.  However, my Welsh Pie was actually missing the eye pleasing aspect of it - the Welsh Dragon topper, though I did make an effort to cut out the letters to spell Cymru - Wales in Welsh.  I don't think they are aware of my food blog, but someone must had overheard, listened and remembered to me and the missing Welsh dragon topping to get me a replacement (by the I won the GBBO at work!).

We also had a our works Christmas lunch.  Not a place I would have chosen, the food was pretty standard.  This is what I had, not that exciting at all and to be truthful, I don't know why I am sharing it - Well, just to make a point that vegetarians and vegans don't get exciting festive food when we go out to eat at mainstream eateries.
Leek and Potato Soup.  It was okay.
The best part was the butter made to look like flowers.  I actually have some butter mould at home, should try and dig them out to use over the festive holidays.
This was my vegetarian Christmas plate - I had expected a butternut squash tart, instead I got a really gooey cheese tart with some beetroot plonked in the middle.  The potatoes were not even roasted.
Finished off with coffee and some mini mince pies - I had three as I was still hungry.  

My husband says it's not just about the food, but the company.  He is right, but I am still going to disagree, it is also about the food for me, after all I don't et out that much, so I have high expectations when I do.
Then we then went into the city of Bristol...


  1. Good to see all your festive fun - I love that tree! I am feeling the same about cooking - though can't wait for my january holiday to have some time to cook (if the weather is not unbearably hot). I am pleased we now have twin welsh dragon cutters. I have mine on a shelf where I like to look at it even if I don't use it as much as I wish - maybe I should do a dragon gingerbread - if I had time. And I feel your pain for the office christmas party. I am jealous of how fetive your table looks - people in Australia just don't do a festive decor like in the UK and I miss that. I think your christmas dinner looks far superior to ours - it was really dire (though I had a better one the next day) but the carrots that were meant to be roast but had just a burnt strip down one side were really the lowlight. Have a very merry christmas and I hope you get some rest as you sound busy!

    1. Thanks Johanna, I made some dragon shaped gingerbread today and it was quite fiddly that they broke in half :( perhaps if you get round to making some, they will stay in tact. Sorry to hear your Christmas dinner was dire and that you think mine was still superior- I guess comparison, but it was basic. Yeah my workplace has def. embraced the festive holidays.

  2. Sorry about your less than stellar dining experience...I can recall being asked somewhere to eat and being given an entire head of broccoli, boiled, and nothing else so I understand your frustration. I hope you and D have a happy Christmas and New Year.

    1. Thanks e. I am shocked to be given an entire head of broccoli to eat - wow! that is shocking. Happy Christmas to you to and New Year

  3. I love the pod decorations - and I'm so impressed your workplace managed to make that paper tree. I might nick that idea! I totally agree with you about the food though - why should I have to pay the same, and sometimes more, for a veg*n meal and have one where so much less effort has put in than meat eating colleagues? I hope you get some time to put your feet up over the holidays. Happy Christmas!

    1. Thanks Joey, yes my work colleagues def. embrace Christmas festivities in the workplace, I like it - we do all work hard. I hope you have a good break too, Happy Christmas

  4. Love your dragon cookie cutter!
    And I love Bristol so much!
    I agree with your expectations when dining out ;-)
    Wish you the best!

    1. Thank you.
      I do like Bristol too, lots.
      Wish you the best too.

  5. I hate a disappointing work's Christmas dinner - I've paid £30 before to eat a plate of dry veg and 'roast' potatoes done in a deep fat fryer, followed by fruit salad. It's rubbish. This year we had a works outing to IKEA, we all had a delicious cheap breakfast then a good wander round and chat and all bought a few candles and plants - it was the best works do I've ever been on!

    1. Hi Susie,
      Sounds like you have had not so stellar Christmas dinners too whilst eating out. You think places would have progressed.


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