Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Great Brick Lego Safari in Cardiff

I've mentioned before that every so often I will go into the city of Cardiff, sometimes for window shopping or sometimes for pleasure, but last month I found myself in Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay. 

As I turned the corner I was surprised to see the Mermaid Quay had become a temporary home to 12 life size wild animals made from Lego courtesy of Bright Bricks.  
Its the second time that Bright Bricks Great Brick Safari has been on display in Wales and you cannot help, but be impressed.  
The detail on the lion is quite amazing. If you look closely next to the lion there is a cub.

Life size African elephant which stands 2.5 metres high.

Here is the elephant from a different perspective, so you can appreciate the enormity of it next to people. 

The zebra and its foal really look startled being stuck in the middle of Cardiff Bay.
 A Hyena
A rather elegant Gazelle
A 3 metre long crocodile

An ostrich
A kangaroo
With Joey
And we cannot forget the awesome Gorilla. Thank you Bright Bricks  for bringing this Great Brick Safari to Cardiff. 

For other photographs that I've taken in and around Cardiff, such as The Animal Wall; The Millennium Stadium; People Like Us; and Cardiff Vegetarian Festival - click on the links.


  1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing these.

  2. that lion is really impressive and the expression on the zebra is hilarious - what a fun thing to see in the city.

  3. That is radical. People get up to some spectacular stuff!! A couple years back there was an exhibit at our local art museum of art made from Legos--The Art of the Block, I think it was called. Very, very cool stuff in that exhibit, though not so many animals! I'm not sure there were any now that I think of it.

  4. That kangaroo joey is just the cutest. I'm liking the lego safari a lot.

  5. How absolutely fantastic. I love this! Thanks for sharing your photos.


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