Sunday, 3 September 2017

Cheltenham Vegan Fair and Courgetti

Just over a year ago, I went to Cheltenham, England for the first time.  
I was allured there then by Cheltenham  Vegan Fair, which I thoroughly enjoyed that I wanted to go again and we did so last weekend.  

Unlike last year, when I wore my raincoat, this day was one of the hottest in the year.  
This is a photograph of CheltenhamTown Hall where the Vegan Fair was hosted.  I should have shared another photograph by the afternoon when the queue was very long.  The organisers had to implement a rule 'one in one out'.  We were fortunate, as we were actually there early, so early that you can see from the above photograph the Cheltenham Vegan Fair banner was not even up then.  We were also the first 100 people through the door and got a bag of vegan goodies (which included the Perkier Quinoa Bar and Pulsin Raw Brownie Bar below). 
Here is a link to the traders at Cheltenham Vegan Fair 2017, however I noted many of the vegan stalls present last year were missing this year like Harding Catering ;  Raw Happy. Juiciful Catering; Fair Foods Catering  and the producers of the best ever vegan New York Baked 'Cheesecake' Hardcore Vegan Catering Unless & Artisan 'Meats'  were also missing.  I have to confess I was a little disappointed by this as I was looking forward to indulging this time round - rather than just admiring, but there was still enough to interest me and made it worth the trip.

Judy Barber was there with lots of raw food.
Judy Barber (not the person above - that is one of her colleagues) was also doing a talk on Raw Food. 
There were two stalls new to me, 
One was called Peace and Bake - vegan brownies, tiffins and pies.  I was tempted by some of the pies such as
 but was reminded by D  that I had a whole load of homemade pies in the freezer at home. 
The other was Happy Daisy with these wholesome handmade pies.  Many pies these days including vegan ones are made with machines and pressed into foil containers, I much prefer these handmade honest ones like these and the flavours are more interesting too such as Creamy Curried Jackfruit and Mushroom Strogonoff.  
I was ever so pleased so see Flamingo Bakery  there.
I chose to treat myself to their cookie sandwich with a mint filling (see above third image).  They actually even have a vegan bakery in the city.
The Cheltenham Vegan Fair  was a successful event, below are some photographs I managed to snap before it got busy. Liek I said earlier, the organisers had to implement a rule 'one in one out'. 
 Jack Bakes
The next time I am in Cheltenham, I will make an effort to go to Vinnie's Eatery - The first plant based and wholefood eatery in Cheltenham.  Just as well, as I was teasing D that we should move to Cheltenham and open up a veggie place as there is a distinct lack of them.  Good luck to Vinnies Eatery.  
 Letttices  were there with their vegan cheese and so was The Naturally Vegan Food Company with these awesome Smoked Cheez Balls - very tasty. 
 Tiger Nuts, Tiger Flour and much more
Pistachio Nut Butter
 Various flavoured Nut Butters
PJ Kombucha

Friends of the Earth

A beautiful crochet poppy waterfall which was made for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in 2016 was on display at the Cheltenham Town Hall.  
We took a wander around the city taking in the sounds and sights. 

 Fantastic bicycle displays

 When we got home, we wanted something easy to make.
 So I made Aglio Oli Courgetti. with my homegrown courgettes. Simple. 


  1. I just realised reading this that I've never been to Cheltenham. Maybe that's something I should fix in time for next year's vegan festival - that cookie sandwich is calling my name!

    1. You must check it our one of these days, its makes for a good change. I have been told there is a Wholefood store there too, but I did not look it up when I was there, I think I spent enough without having to shop further - and yes, go to Flamingo's

  2. This looks like another wonderful day trip, and your zucchini/courgette dish looks lovely and easy!

    1. Thanks e. It made for a lovely day and a change. We do like to make the most of our w/e, though i do feel sorry for D who had to drive to and fro, but he does not mind it and he is the one who gets stir crazy sitting at home, i am a home person.

  3. Hi Shaheen,
    Good to hear the Fair was so well attended. I enjoyed seeing all your photos.
    Interesting meal.
    Barbara x

    1. Thank you Barbara. I have some more photographs to download from my mobile phone of the Vegan Fair, so please come back in a few days when I have up-dated this blog post.

  4. I'm glad you could make it back, even if last year was a bit better. Lovely bikes too!

    1. Thank you Kari. It was a good day out, just wish either Fair Foods Catering or Hardcore Vegan Catering Unless & Artisan 'Meats' were there as I was looking forward to chomping on their offerings.

    2. I enjoyed the new photos - although they have made me hungry!

  5. What a great event, and those pies look so tempting with their creative fillings! I'm always ready for a good savoury pie. Your photos from the town also look nice.


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