Saturday, 1 August 2009

Paisley Teardrops

Sounds like a wafer light biscuit, doesn't it?

We decided to take a break from the plot today and have a bit of a lazy day instead. For a change, we decided to go to Paisley town centre.

For an updated blog post on Paisley Town Centre follow this link.

Paisley town centre is famous for the teardrop or tadpole shape known as the Paisley pattern. The paisley leaf has been used on everything from haute couture to a whole range of everyday domestic goods and gift items. I even have a small wooden spice box with the pattern The pattern did not actually originate in the town. It only became associated with Paisley in Scotland after a long journey through time.

The motif, similar to the above image was first used on shawls in Kashmir, India and examples of this work were brought back to Britain by the East India Company in the mid eighteenth century. Shawls quickly became the vogue, but they were in short supply and really expensive! As a result, they were imitated by British textile manufacturers who sold them for a tenth of the price.

Anyway, that's enough of a history lesson for today.
For more up-dated posts see this link to Streets of Paisley.


  1. I love the Paisley pattern, nice to hear some history behind it, shame about the place though.

  2. It is a shame. For a place that was once thriving. What it needs now is some real investment!

    I went into some of the charity shops in Paisley, the High St is packed with them. I was looking out for something with the paisley pattern, so that I could cut them out and do what you have been doing, jazzing up pretty skirts. Unfotunately none, but I may do something come the winter. I feel the little creative person in me wanting to 'come out again' thanks to YOU.

  3. Nice to feel I've inspired, makes me feels fuzzy! Thank you! :)

  4. I love paisley patterns! Interesting post!

  5. Thanks Michele, the paisely leaf pattern is rather beautiful.

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