Friday, 14 August 2009

Mama Mango Cooks

Today my mother wanted to give me a break from the kitchen and offered to cook some traditional vegetarian South Asian food for us. How on earth could I say no... So here it is for your eyes to feast.
Some 'chappati pakoras' a kinda peasant food that normally uses stale chappati's or roti coated with pakora spice mix and deep fried.
Savoury Pilau rice made with home grown peas, onions and potatoes.

Here are some images of my mother in the kitchen earlier this afternoon making 'roti', also known as 'chappati' from scratch.
Rolling - back and fro!
Spinning - round and round.
On the tava, a traditional cooking pan.
The final stage: puffing up under the grill.
Served with thick luscious green lentils dal. Now I am stuffed and I just want to lie down, good job there's no dessert for afters. Or is there?! Thank you Ummi ji.


  1. Yummmmmmm.... South Asian food is my all-time favourite. I could live on idli, vadai or chappati and dal. Perhaps your mum could come and stay with me for a while......?!!!

  2. I'm so jealous! You know how I love my Indian food. Your mom is quite the cook!!

  3. Hello Scarlett,

    I'll ask my mother is she wants to nip over yours for awhile. I am sure it will make here smile.

    My ultimate comfort food is chappati and dal.

    Hey there Michele,
    I know you love Indian food, and good South Asian food is hard to come by, but I am lucky I have mum by my side right now.

  4. Oh my..... That looks Heavenly! I havent had much Indian food, but those pictures really make me want it! Im hungry now...

  5. Hi Jenn,
    There's plenty left over. Do you want me to transport some over : )

  6. Those look awesome Mango. I love how it rises up while baking in that skillet, and it looks like the perfect companion for the Dal. Nice job :)

  7. Thank you Adam.
    It certainly is the best accompaniment to dal.

  8. can she come to my house please :o)

  9. Looks fantastic - dal is the most unexpectedly delicious treat in my opinion. How lentils can end up with so much flavour?

  10. Hi Nic,
    I'll ask her!

    Hello RWYG,
    Thank you. I agree - how such a humble legume or pulse can be transformed into the most delicious sauce.

  11. I think I could live on dal and roti, Mango. How lucky you are to have Mom come over to make them for you - maybe she would like to visit me?

    And your photos of your veggies are beautiful - happy growing!

  12. Send your mum over to my place, I love Indian food and this looks like the best you could ever want.

  13. Yum! looks like your mum as a great cook too.


  14. Thanks Nicisme,
    You will have to wait your turn...she's in great demand!

    Thank you Rose.


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