Thursday, 13 August 2009

Lovely progress at the allotment

We went to the plot late this afternoon. I didn't do any work, just a bit of harvesting today and a bit of nosing to see how some of the vegetables were progressing.
Finale fennel being proudly shown by my nephew.
Tigerella tomatoes ripening slowly.
Gardeners Delight tomatoes. Look at those trusses.
Cardoon head waiting to flower.
Blauhilde climbing beans.
Blue Lake climbing beans.
Squash - ooh I can't remember the name right now ...sorry
Ice Queen lettuce at the back, some marigolds and musselburgh leeks.
Carrot box at the back doing brilliantly!
Bight lights Swiss chard.
Rainbow Swiss chard.
Red Marner cabbage.
And finally some beetroot.
We also lifted some potatoes, radishes, turnips and some more strawberries, which are nearing the end.


  1. You have some beautiful vegetables growing there.

  2. Your plot look so abundant at the moment, must do you proud.

  3. Welcome Becca, and Thank you.

    Hi Jenn, I love the new blog header.

    Hi Kella,
    Yes I am, but I am also overwhelmed with all the produce. I live in a small flat so do not have a big freezer or room to store preserved jars...

  4. Lovely progress indeed.
    It looks FABULOUS and so abundant.

    Buy a bigger freezer - you're going to need it!

  5. Thank you Scarlett,

    I wish I could buy a bigger freezer, but first I need to buy a bigger place. Maybe one-day I will move out of this tiny flat.

  6. Beautiful garden!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  7. Wow looks like you've got a really good crop there - jealous as ever :)

  8. Everything looks fabulous. All your hard work is really paying off!

  9. Hi Linda,

    Thanks. I am looking forward to seeing your new site develop.

    Hi Michele,
    The hard work is paying off, just so much of it all coming at once, that I cannot keep up with it.

  10. Hi, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your garden looks beautiful! I look forward to coming back to see all the wonderful things you make with your harvest.

  11. I thought I'd have to wrestle down the green eyed monster at the sight of your lovely red tomatoes but it made my heart smile to see them looking so yummy and well x

  12. Hi Nic,

    Thank you for your kind words. I am really sorry to read about your tomatoes being hit by blight.

    D. kept a special eye on the tomatoes in the greenhouses. He would have been gutted if anything had happened to them.


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