Saturday, 25 April 2009

Wig wams and peas

We spent most of the afternoon at Plot 45. Yet again, after inspecting the greenhouse for new seedling life, I noted that my all my golden beetroot seeds; all my golden apple; and Blue baby squash seeds; and all my goldie; and sarzana courgette seeds had been pilfered by those dastardly mice. The mice have won here drats! I have decided now to raise these at home on the windowsill, where I had successfully germinated the tomato seeds.
D got on with constructing some wig wams with canes for the peas, that are so wanting to get out of their pots. I got on with transplanting some cabbages into the ground. These were red cabbages known as Marner, which I then covered over with netting.
We also stuck some CD discs and empty travel sweet tins to make clangy noise, hopefully this will deter the pigeons and magpies and let the peas establish.
I also pulled out some baby leeks and left them on the ground for the sunshine to dry the soil off. I was planning to make Leek and sour cream tart for tonights meal, but guess what, I forgot them at the allotment. Will they still be good tomorrow; or will the sunshine have got to them?
The mint is starting to perk up. Fresh mint tea at the allotment soon.

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