Monday, 20 April 2009

London Calling!

Whilst visiting my in-laws over the Easter holidays, we had also planned to visit the city of London as I had purchased tickets for the Incredible Veggie Show. But as the doors to the venue were to be open at 10.30am, D and myself decided to head into London early and behave as tourists. It was great. Look! It's about 8.20am and barely a soul around.
D got to try out our camera. We were impressed with our new expensive toy.What was funny was there were other people beside us taking photographs, professional looking with bigger cameras, bigger lenses, and you could sense mutterings mines bigger than yours. As amateurs, we are content with what we have : )
Then we took a slow stroll through St James Park where the tulips were dancing in the wind.
We had a light bite to eat at a French cafe, then walked over to Covent Garden. It was not what I had expected, its not that food orientated at all. I was expecting marvellous displays of fruit and vegetables, but all I saw was artists, jewellery makers, glass, pottery and so on setting up their stalls to sell their handmade crafts to tourists.
I was sad to learn that Cranks had closed down in December 2001, as I was looking forward to a special treat from one of U.Ks most reputable vegetarian eateries, but that was not to happen. Well at least I can cook from the cookbooks.
After that discovery and disappointment, we left pretty sharpish. We also took the underground to Camden, where D revelled in some of his youthful memories. Camden market was a bit of a shock to my system - I think I must be getting old. It was mobbed. There were a lot of people there, many young, others trying to hold onto yester years youth. It was very cosmopolitan, very eclectic, very fashion orientated and very 1977. It reminded me of my visit to Berkeley's Fourth Street in California in 2000. I was impressed with the number of vegetarian and vegan outlets there.
At Camden market we stopped by this African food stall and had a bean cake, it was only 50p, a little greasy but delicious. D said it reminded him of spam fritters.
We stopped again to rest our feet and graze on more vegetarian food offerings of wider London - we shared a veggie hot dog.
Now that something you don't find at a Scotland market.

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  1. I love veggie hot dogs! London does have some nice food, especially Indian food.


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