Sunday, 19 April 2009

Acrobatic mice

We got back from Ds parents about a few hours ago. It was a seven hour drive, but before we got home, we had to stop by the allotment and check our plots, especially my tiny seedlings in the greenhouse. Fitzy has done me proud : ) All my seedlings are looking good, nothing was waning but still glistening from being watered earlier. While I was delicately stroking a seedling and smiling to myself that everything was looking very good, D says take a look at your seed trays under the netting. I did so and what did I see? scurried soil dents in each cell, some with discarded husks - all my legume, beetroot and expensive squash seeds had been got at by some small creature. I was stunned, but I covered them so well, how did it get underneath? D responds well you know what those acrobatic mice are like? Yes I do...

Oh well, these flowers made up for the loss. Nice welcome home.

I have tomorrow off from work (one more day of annual leave), so I am looking forward to spending some time at the plot, hopefully the weather will be as good as today. As we left the allotment site, I noticed some big visible changes, but more about that tomorrow.

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