Monday, 13 April 2009

Building a compost bin and a water feature

This morning we spent time on my plot. While I was busy weeding the pathway and raking over the soil in some of the beds. D got himself busy, building me that long overdue compost bin to be made with recycled wooden planks we had acquired a while back. So here it is, my very own compost bin. I am so pleased with it. Thank you D xx. On the side of the compost bin, D decided to pile up some broken slabs and stones, not just to make it look tidy to the eye, but to create some wildlife space for the critters to crawl and hide.
After doing this, he mustered up some more energy to design me a water feature, again with another piece of recycled material, this time a large plastic tub. After balancing the tub on a barrel plant pot, he filled it with water and then carefully placed pebbles on the side, so that the birds would feel comfortable coming by to wet their beaks and maybe even a dip. He also drove to a local plant shop and picked up an aquatic plant - you can just about see it there.
This is a photo of the greenhouse from a side. I am so pleased to have it on my plot. D thinks I must be the only person on the allotment site with so many buildings. I think he maybe right.

I have moved the tomato plants into their new home, but they have not gone into grow bags yet. I will do that when they are a certain height.
That's me - raking the ground. See the plank of wood in front of my plot. This was the wood used by the thieves for the break in at the factory a little while ago. As the wood is rotting a bit now, I have decided to leave it outside of the plot. If any other plot holder wants it for firewood, they are welcome to it.
Tomorrow is another working day at the allotment, and the plan is to spend the morning at Ds plot and get some of those broad beans in. By the way, tomorrow is the start of my holidays. I have five working days off and I am so looking forward to them.

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