Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Roundabout diet

My diet and my in-laws diet is so many worlds apart. My diet is primarily vegetable, pulse and rice based, whereas theirs is meat based. I love spices, they like mild flavours. I like trying new foods whether I am at home or when I am abroad, they like sticking to what they are familiar with, saying that Ds Dad with his overseas holidays has become a little bit more adventurous in his eating habits than his mother. Anyway, you get the picture. When I stay Ds parents, I think I throw a spanner in the works as Ds mother gets puzzled as to what to feed us. At some of our previous visits, we consumed so many supermarket brand mock meat substitutes: veggie sausages for breakfast, and veggie meat pies or steaks with two veg for evening meals.

Although I am a very fussy eater, my attitude is when you are a guest at someones home you have to make do with whatever is given to you to eat, simply out of respect and consideration. However saying that, when I am there for a while or even at my parents, I sometimes start getting fidgety, as I feel like rushing to the kitchen and conjuring up something even if it is simple as a bowl of plain rice with dal, but I donot as they would be deeply upset at the thought that they had not catered well for us. This time whilst we were at Ds parents, my diet consisted of chips (twice), beans and eggs, cheese and pickle rolls, sweet pastries and one day we had a lovely light buffet that included various salads, onion rings, garlic mushrooms and quiche. I was really glad at the lack of supermarket mock meat option this time, but I think that was partly down to my in-laws watching their pockets too. Economic downturn and the credit crunch is affecting everybody.

Ds parents are due to come up to Scotland sometime in June, and it will be the same when they come to stay with us, but the difference is my culinary and kitchen skills will be on hold. Firstly, Ds parents don’t want us fussing over food preparation, even though I don’t mind, but the second reason is they are not always fond of my vegetarian creations. Fair enough. So on the first day of their arrival, we will probably get a fish supper for them, the next day, we will have the same vegetables on our plate, but they will have real meat pie, whereas D and me will have vegetarian mock meat substitute. On another day, we may get a Take Away, something that I don’t like doing at all, especially as I can make this food very well at home, but Ds parents are used to eating Indian (and Chinese) take away food, which many of know are not always made traditionally, but that’s what they like. In between all this we will probably have a few cheese sandwiches.

So the food situation is something that swings in round abouts, whether we are at Ds parents home or if they are at ours. One thing for sure though, no one ever goes hungry.

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