Monday, 13 July 2020

Harvest Monday: Glorious Greens from the Garden

Monday Harvest 

Glorious purple stemmed kale and raspberries. 
Couple of courgettes.  I think I said it last week, i have been disappointed in our courgettes, not the seed but the damp weather has been rotting so many of them. 
Harvested tray of peas and runner beans.
Climbing Champion Peas fattening up
Peek inside the greenhouse - we haven't harvested any as of yet, but our neighbour was gleefully telling us over the fence that he harvested his first orange tomato this week - his cheerfulness was so uplifting.
Tree tomatoes! No actually, these are plums. 
Progress on the pear tree
Progress of the cooking apples. 
Last of the Purple Top Milan Turnip.  I will sowing some more seeds at the weekend in the space where the broad beans were.  Oh  I didn't say, I have pulled out all the broad beans, they were not doing well, plus there were smothered with black fly.
Ending with these wide open roses that have been attracting the bees
am sharing my harvest with Dave over at Happy Acres who hosts Harvest Monday every week.


  1. The kale is stunning with those purple stems and dark green leaves! It looks like you have future harvests of tree fruits coming too.

    1. Thank you Dave, the hard work is paying off indeed.

  2. What a beautiful, bountiful harvest!

  3. This is all so impressive. You must be enjoying the bounty of your garden!

  4. firefox is now starting to annoy me as it has been eating my comments tonight - I will repeat that I am greatly cheered by your garden of glowing green promise!

  5. Sorry to hear firefox being a nuisance, its goes like that sometimes. Thank you for your persistence, though i am sure the original message was much more expanded and appreciate that x


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