Sunday, 7 June 2020

June in My Kitchen

So I have found some time for myself to sit down and blog in what have been some very busy days and they are not over, as I start work all over again tomorrow.  I am looking forward to taking some annual leave. I really did not think I would say that whilst in quarantine as I thought working from home would be less tiresome, but it has been anything but.  I am hoping to take some time off early July and of course when I do, like most of the world I won't be going very far, but i need the break its been manic at work, it really has.

Anyway, let get down to what is in my kitchen this month.  
Last year I volunteered to be a recipe tester for a cookbook for a charity called Heart & Parcel.  Well I finally got my hands on Heart & Parcel cookbook.  Heart & Parcel was established in 2015.  The project supports women from ethnic minority communities in Manchester to develop their English language (ESOL) and communication skills by coming together to cook dishes from around the world, sharing recipes, stories, experiences and connections. All the recipes were contributed by migrant, asylum seeker and refugee women. 
I tested for two recipes including this Middle Eastern recipe called Aubergine Fatta - Iraqi Salad with Toasted Bread, which was delicious by the way.

I have put on some weight.  I know haven't we all - I know why in my case though, mostly because I have not been exercising, rather than excessive or comfort eating.  
I have been eating melon.  I have been making an effort in slicing them and sitting down to eat them with some mindfulness.  I have really been enjoying eating them.
Some gifted mangoes. I loved eating them, squished the pulpy fruit in its skin, then bit off the nib and sucked the sweet mango smoothie fruit.  
I cannot blame my excess weight on junk food, like i said its lack of exercise, but you may think otherwise as i share a vegetarian burger. I am only sharing this because of the home grown pea shoots.
I am trying unsuccessfully to cut down on my excessive coffee drinking too.  I find myself drinking five to six mugs a day when normally I would have two.  The last time D went to the supermarket, he picked me a selection of fruit teas.  I like the Echinacea & Raspberry, Spiced Ginger and Cranberry & Blood Orange, but I was not at all keen on the Mango & Strawberry combination - it just doesn't seem to work well. 
He also came back with some Maldon sea salt. 
We were grateful to get a delivery of Strong White Flour for breadmaking.  Those of you may remember from my last  In My Kitchen blog post that we were running out.  This will last us a good while. 
Talking of fruit earlier, we also harvested our first bowl of homegrown strawberries and wild strawberries that taste like sherbert that of course demanded either cream or ice-cream - of course we had neither, but we did have Greek yogurt.  The strawberries not only tasted amazing, the fragrant was quite powerful too. 
As my kitchen is relatively quiet with new and exciting things, let me share with you what's been going on in my parents kitchen.

Some of you may remember that last month on my In My Kitchen blog post I shared that I had made Nigella Lawson's 'Chocolate Brownies'.  Well this inspired my niece and nephew to have a go at making some Brownies in their own home. This was the final result elevated further with white chocolate drizzle and strawberries dipped in white chocolate.  I wish I was there! 
I am sharing this post with Sherry's Pickings who kindly continues to host the In My Kitchen series in these difficult times and its goods to be able to participate and continue to support the event. 


  1. That's an amazing way to eat a mango! The ones I usually buy are not soft enough to do that, but it sounds delicious and a bit decadent. Your niece and nephew also sound amazing.

    be well... mae at

  2. thank you so much shaheen for being such a big part of IMK, month after month. I really appreciate that you are sticking with it, and putting up my logo. always fun to see your post. love the brownies and choc-covered strawbs. yum. Love maldon sea salt. i always have some on hand. have you tried the smoked version? that's my next purchase:) Hard to get flour except in big bags here. but i am going thru it easily as i am cooking a lot lately. Good on you for testing the recipes for that book. take care and see you in July :-)

  3. Hello there, I am late to the party for IMK and just linked up and saw yuor post. Where have you been all my blogging life?! I LOVE your blog, am envious of your garden plot and know I will spend hours scrolling through your posts and recipes.

    Ooooo, flour. We can get all purpose but I'm not finding any bread flour lately. Nigella's brownies look good. Nigella is what got me involved in some of the food blogging and linking up.
    Nice to meet you!

  4. Your melons look pretty sliced up but I am not into melons - those strawberries are more my thing - I quite like your tiered fruit basket in the background too. Hope you will enjoy your heart and parcel cookbook - sounds interesting. I am impressed by your family's fancy baking and also curious about how much flour that big bag holds.

  5. I am calling it the Covid-10, whether because of lack of exercise or too much comfort food. We are all mostly in the same boat. You niece and nephew look as if they are going to be talented bakers. Lovely post, thank you for joining IMK.


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