Sunday, 4 November 2018

Vegetarian Philly Cheesesteak

Yes this is a vegetarian food blog and what I share below may look freakishly like 'meat', but I assure you these are homemade seitan slices peaking out of this Philly Cheese 'Steak' or cheesesteak. 
I was looking for ways to use up my rather large batch of homemade seitan and it was whilst flicking  Mama Cherry's Soul Food in a Bowl that I stumbled upon a meat version.  I of course decided to adapt it.  I am not that familiar with Philly Cheese Steak.  Momma Cherry writes 'Cheese steaks were invented in the 1930s at Pat's Steaks in South Philadelphia fondly known as Philly.  It should have American Cheese, Provolone or Cheez Whizz (a yellow processed cheese squeezed from the bottle) on it'.  However she recommends that a grated mild English Cheddar works well, so that is what I used here, though I did later stumble across a vegan recipe for cheez wiz - this recipe can easily be made vegan.

Momma Cherry slices steak as thinly as possible to ensure it remains tender.  I of course used thinly sliced seitan to be quickly sauteed it in hot oil, but before that before that I sautéed some thinly sliced onion and green pepper to caramelise, then added the slices of seitan to it before finishing it off with a little seasoning.
The hot dog style bread rolls were sliced.  D recommended putting the cheese at the bottom as the warm seitan, onions and green pepper would add warmth and melt the cheese beneath it (it didn't by the way). I generously piled in the filling and then for a final touch squeezed over French classic yellow mustard sauce. Straight into your mouth for a bit bite - well that part is not true, as we had to take pictures!

I am sharing these vegetarian Philly Cheese 'Steak' with Soup, Salad and Sammies Sundays hosted by Deb over at Kahakai Kitchen


  1. The look really cool. I can't say that I have ever tasted the original one, but I'm sure that your are much better! Nice usage of your seitan.

  2. Your sandwich looks so good! I specially like the mustard sauce drizzle on top. ;-) Thank you for sharing it with Souper Sundays this week.

  3. these look really delicious - I've never had a philly steak sandwich - but I remember my dad used to love a steak sandwich from the fish and chip shop - I never took much notice of it to know if it was similar :-) Great use for your seitan

  4. Funny; I made another (vegan) version of this dish tonight!
    I used tofu "stripes" and vegan cream cheese plus vegan "american".
    Seitan would be perfect too! On my "to do list" ;-)

    1. Look forward to seeing it on your version on your blog soon.

  5. I'm no expert (though I did have a cheese steak in Philadelphia once), but I think that in American diners, the cooks usually melt the cheese onto the meat while it's on the grill. Otherwise, yours looks pretty convincing.

    best... mae at

  6. Oo that looks delicious! I know my Joe is keen to try making some seitan, I shall show him this :)


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