Saturday, 11 August 2018

Hereford Vegan Festival and Firefly Vegan Pub

Two weeks ago we went to Hereford, a cathedral city in Herefordshire.
Hereford lies on the River Wye and borders with Wales.  D tried to remind me that we had been there before, but I really did not remember when. 

The reason we were in Hereford was to check out the Hereford Vegan Market at Shirehall in the town centre (below).
Would you believe it if I told you I was the first in line, well I was.

Here's evidence, some of the stalls were still setting up. 

Bubberlicious had some interesting bath products, I regret not picking up some as we had planned to return there later in the day. 

Badger Action Network were there.   I signed their petition.  I was also reminded of my copy of Innocent Badger CookbookThe Tried to Bury Us...But They Didn't Know We were Seeds which I recommend. 
Hunt Investigation Team were also there.  HIT expose the truth about hunting and other cruel spots in and around Herefordshire. 
HIT were also selling some vegan bakes, I treated myself to a vegan 'eclair'. 
After wandering the streets of Hereford...
We decided to have lunch at The Firefly vegan pub which was for me was the highlight of the whole day.  
Its all vegan street aka junk food, but very all very tempting. 
We decided to have the Banh Mi and a side of Hot Cauliflower Wings
We had a lot of options of other hot sauces to choose from including Sriracha, but to be honest both dishes were seasoned and flavoured beautifully.  

We thoroughly enjoyed every bite.  Let me tell you, if I lived anywhere near Hereford, this would be my hang out space and I am already looking for a reason to go back there.  I have been to other vegan junk food eateries, but have been disappointed in the quality of bread and its freshness etc.  Firefly is the first vegan street food place I've been to, that has really impressed.  
To wash down the food we had Raspberry Cider and Rhubarb cider. 


  1. That eclair is a whoppa! Mmmmmmm.

    1. Indeed it was - shared between two people.

  2. Wow those black and white photos are stunning and you sound like you had a great day - fantastic to find a vegan pub you like and that rhubarb cider sounds really good. Hope you get back to hereford before you forget this visit :-)

    1. Thanks to D for the B&W photos.
      We don't eat out much, so I was pleased to find somewhere where I actually did enjoy the food. The rhubarb cider was for D, I had the raspberry one a lot more sweeter.


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