Monday, 20 July 2009

Welly woof woof

I’ve mentioned before that a couple of new families have been given plots not far from plot 45. One of the new plot holders is an architecture who has constructed a large wooden building within a matter of weeks, while his Mrs and children toil the land. It is already thriving with nasturtium flowers, courgettes and strawberries. The other new plot holder is an industrial worker, who is actually very creative and arty, I am in total awe of his skills. He made this dog out of recycled rubber wellies.
He said he saw it at an art gallery somewhere and thought to himself. ‘I can make that’ and so he did, now proudly displayed at the entrance of his plot. Isn’t it lovely and innovative? I want to make one too. I took a picture of the recycled Wellington dog, so we could create one if we ever got enough donated recycled wellies. But I thought, just in case any of you would like to own your very own welly woof woof, here it is.
He has also made these windmills, out of empty beer and soft drink cans. Really groovy stuff that just makes you smile. I am watching him very closely – to be inspired.


  1. that's so cool and inspiring :o)

  2. Love it - I want one - or at least lots of old wellies to make one!

  3. I love it too, but it will be a long long while before I get 8 wellies to make this dog.

  4. I just love that! You could earn a living making those and selling them in garden centres!

  5. Yes, I can see them being sold for an 'extortionate price - recycled or not recycled.

  6. Really amazing!!!! Thank you for putting the link up on my blog!!!! Can't help but giggle now!

  7. Thanks Orkneyflowers.
    I thought you would like :)
    I agree it is amazing. I'd have a go at making my own one-day.


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