Monday, 13 July 2009

Heavenly Mallowy Meringues

Go on let me spoil you with some home-made meringues served with home-grown red berries and lusciously whipped cream.


  1. I'm ready to be spoiled with this meringue recipe, Mangocheeks. I love the pink cream and fresh berries.
    I also love the saag you made with the turnip greens - thrifty and enticing!

  2. I had something very similar to this at a wedding a few weeks ago - the nicest pudding I have ever had! Looks absolutely delicious!

  3. Barbara,
    It is an honour to have you over. Thank you.
    I promise to post the meringue recipe soon, as I am going to have another go this time with the natural food colouring i've recently acquired. Hence the colour of the pink cream.

    Thank you for the comment about the turnip greens saag too. It is much appreciated.

  4. Julia,

    Hey Welcome back. I missed reading your blog.

    Thank you for the compliment about the meringues, it was just another way for me to use up all those raspberries and strawberries, that are still coming up red and juicy....

  5. Look at the colour of those fruits. They are such a lovely dark red I feel like I can taste and smell them from here.

  6. Oh this has the lickablity factor for sure! I adore meringues.

  7. Nicisme,
    It was sooooo so so sweet.

  8. I'm ready to be spoiled...& with something as divine as this, I think I'd be spoiled silly! Perfectly YUM!! Nothing like a good meringue!!

  9. Hey Welcome Deeba,
    So glad you love the meringue. Truly sweet sweet sweet.


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