Saturday, 9 May 2009

Umbrella weather

It has been raining non stop since Monday, and there were even hail stones early on. Are you sure it's May, not February? It is so reminisce of winter.

Even though we are not enjoying the weather, I am sure the potato seeds and weeds are loving it. Early this morning, I did go down to the plot for a very quick and I mean a very quick visit to water the plants in the greenhouse, as I was leaving Polytunnel Alan was coming in. I thought he was crazy to be coming in to work on his plot on such a wet, miserable and cold day, but he has a Polytunnel, shelter from the persistent water drops falling from the sky.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring the sunshine and I will be able to spend time at the plot, as today this weather has kept me home.

The above image is called "Different" by Lucian Enasoni from Facultatea de Arte Timisoara, Romania from Very appropriate for this week I think.

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